‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ with Johnny Depp Is 2019’s Summer Style Inspo

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I’ll be honest. Of the approximately dozen times I’ve seen the cult-favorite, substance-fueled film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, approximately a dozen of them have been minute-long glances while it played in the background of a house party thrown by some dude who fancied himself a Hunter S. Thompson or Johnny Depp—or worse, a combination of the two—type figure. Needless to say, such environments did not lend themselves well to the movie-watching experience. 

Even upon my most recent viewing—which, for the first time ever, took place alone in my own room with some popcorn—following the trippy, convoluted story line proved difficult. To be fair, that is kind of the point. What did immediately strike me, and what managed to hold my attention throughout the entire nightmarish plot, however, were the clothes. 

Johnny Depp’s oft-duplicated-during-Halloween ’70s wardrobe in the film (based, of course, on Hunter S.’s own IRL) is, in 2019, startlingly on trend. Call him the harbinger of seminal #scumbro style or a modern hypebeast. Either way you cut it, Depp’s character is this summer’s most unexpected style icon. Printed button-ups, color-tinted sunglasses and bucket hats galore. 

Style category: Too weird to live, too rare to die. Shop it below.

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The Printed Shirt

The Bucket Hat

The Sunglasses

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