Gen Z TV Guys We Want to Dress Like

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From Justin Timberlake to Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake, TV networks turn wholesome boys into successful, well-dressed men as reliably as Kanye West manufactures crazy tweets that you want to put on a T-shirt. The current crop of budding talent is no different (even if the way we consume them is, i.e., streaming on an iPhone vs. couch surfing in front of the boob tube) with Gen Z actors from the CW to Disney and Netflix right on track to inspire our content and closets for years to come. In fact, these small—er, smaller—screen stars are arguably the coolest, best dressed group yet, in no small thanks to their ingrained digital prowess (and Instagram accounts). But we’ll let you be the judge. Here, we give you seven super stylish dudes, all born 1995 and later, to watch on and off screen.

kj apa
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KJ Apa

Riverdale’s anchor, Archie Andrews, is known for his statement red hair, brooding vibes and colorful take on schoolboy style. But off-screen, 21-year-old KJ Apa is garnering his own fashion following. Originally from New Zealand, the unnatural ginger owns casual cool, channeling his comic book alter-ego in CW-approved henleys and clean white sneakers. Though when the occasion calls, he turns up the dial in dapper fitted suits and bold florals—and he isn’t afraid to break the rules, like that time he wore a blue suit with brown dress shoes.

cameron boyce
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Cameron Boyce

From Disney’s show Jessie to the Grown-Up movies, you’ve likely seen Cameron Boyce, 19, on one or more of your screens. But the LA local is also tearing up phone screens via his Instagram swagger. The curly-haired multi-hyphenate stands out for his signature freckles, print-mixing abilities, and break dancing–inspired vibes (dancing is his first love). Thumb through his account and you’ll spot a few of our favorite fashion cues, including his denim-on-denim ensemble, vintage tees and wristful of woven bracelets.

Caleb McLaughlin

While most 16-year-olds are focused on passing geometry, Caleb McLaughlin is faced with managing his newfound stardom from Netflix’s mega-successful Stranger Things. The New York native, who got his start in The Lion King on Broadway, is already a pro on and off the red carpet, whether he is sporting a 3.1. Phillip Lim splatter paint suit, a mixed media getup or making chunky sandals cool again.

Earl Cave

The son of vampire rock legend Nick Cave and Susie Cave (who helms a fashion line aptly called The Vampire’s Wife), Earl Cave, 18, can’t help but ooze bad-assery. But the rising London actor is paving his own offbeat path, landing neo-gritty roles in TV’s Born To Kill and The End of the Fucking World. As for his style story, it is just as noteworthy, whether he is sitting courtside at Gucci or dressed down in dad jeans and a bucket hat.

nat and alex wolff
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Nat and Alex Wolff

Look out Winklevoss brothers, there is a new set of disruptor twins on the rise.

Here to shake things up in music and film, Nat and Alex Wolff got their start as the stars of Nickelodeon’s mockumentary series The Naked Brothers Band and haven’t looked back. Sartorially speaking, they clean up nice in slim fit suits and band tees, too.

P.S. Nat and Alex were technically born in December 1994 but we made an exception on account of their coolness.

dylan minnette
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Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette pulled us all deep into the heart-wrenching world of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why as the earnest (if not blandly dressed) protagonist Clay Jensen. But in real life, the Indiana transplant is even more intriguing. As lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the indie rock band The Wallows (catch them touring the festival circuit this season!), Minnete, 21, plays the part in clothes that are van tour–approved from a handsome pink shirt to a painted denim jacket and cheeky graphic tees.

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