Grand Collection's Fall 2021 Line is Here

The collection is accompanied by a lookbook shot by photographer Renell Medrano

Images by Renell Medrano, Graphic by Mikey Caloca / ONE37pm

Since the launch of its first apparel capsule in 2018, Grand Collection has firmly found its footing in New York skating culture as a brand committed to the ethos that initially imbued the community with the cultural status it has today. In a contemporary era that has propelled skating to the mainstream (see, skateboarding in the Olympics), Grand still feels like a skater's skate brand. Between their gritty lo-fi clips shot on fish eye lenses and minimalist aesthetic, Grand has demonstrated time and time again that it is a brand by skaters, for skaters.

Throughout its run, the team and brand have also maintained a commitment to NYC and the globally recognized hotspot of skate culture that is lower Manhattan. One of my all-time favorite collections of theirs is still their collaboration with the legendary 2nd Ave Ukrainian diner, Veselka, back in 2020.

Just last week, they dropped their Fall 2021 collection, a beautiful homage to the street style that courses through every clip that their extremely talented team produces. Between the track suits, boxy fitting pants and collared sweatshirts, the collection screams skate-able without sacrificing any commitment to a low profile, classic sportswear style. A resurgence of 1990s/2000s nostalgia in mainstream fashion has been well-documented in the last year and change, and so much of the transition can be traced back to skate brands like Grand creating collections that are wearable and harken back to a golden era of intrepid street skating.

Ben Oleynik, the brand's founder and visionary, is a dear friend of ONE37pm's and an incredibly talented skater—something that's easy to ascertain from a look through the collection. His personal skate experience informs his commitment to using premium materials for each and every collection, and Grand Collection can now be found in skate shops around the world.

Aside from the tracksuits and sweaters, Grand has never shied away from graphics—in this capsule, the motif throughout is a Canadian goose. I spoke with Ben about the theme and how he settled on the bird. "My hometown in Canada is called Wawa, it means wild goose. There's a massive goose statue right as you drive into the town. So the geese I use within Grand remind me of home and are in honor of my family there," he told me.

While his "traditional" family is in Canada, Grand itself is a family of skaters: "The geese are also in honor of my Grand family: all the people that I love and admire that are involved with the brand. Think about it. Geese travel in packs like us, they go to warmer places in the winter the way we go on skate trips in the winter, and geese really look out for one another the way we do. So Geese represent family to me."

The stunning lookbook was shot by Renell Medrano and features a few skaters from the Grand team: Buggy Talls and Brian Reid. A few of the pieces have already sold out, but you might still be able to get your hands on some of the exceptional pieces; I'm personally partial to the Geese of Grand tee because it is a graphic that is somehow simultaneously eye catching and low profile.

Browse the whole collection at and follow Grand Collection and Ben on Instagram.

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