25 Black-Owned Hair Products That Should Be On Your Radar

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Jason Koeppel ONE37pm

Having clean and healthy hair is an essential part of self care. While we all have our tried and true products that we use on a daily basis, it’s always good to occasionally switch up your routine, as hair maintenance can change over the years. Factors such as aging, pregnancy, etc., can all have an impact on hair care, and what worked for you 10 years ago, may not work for you now. This year has seen a spark in the support of Black-Owned businesses, and making the decision to spend your money at a Black-Owned business is one way that you can provide support as a consumer. Here is a list of the top 25 hair products that you can buy from Black business owners.

That concludes our list of 25 different hair products that are Black-Owned. However, there is an abundance of other Black-Owned hair products that could have made it onto this list as well. Just make sure that you thoroughly research every product before buying, and be sure to test out small samples of the items (with the exception of the headwraps) before using the full amount. Once everything is good to go, you will be on the path to better, healthier hair.

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