Why Taking Care of Your Skin Is Easier Than You Thought

Multitasking at its finest, our editors test what they can accomplish while completing five minutes of self-care

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Courtesy of Editors

This month, Harry’s (a men's care brand with a digitally native approach) and Heyday (a trendy facial shop in New York City and Los Angeles) released a co-branded men’s five-minute face mask.

The news broke and our office buzzed, as men’s grooming product releases are few and far between. Some skin-care giants have leaped aboard the men’s self-care train; L’Oréal, for example, has channeled substantial investment into its Men Expert line. Smaller niche brands have also capitalized on a man’s right to groom, like Black Wolf Skincare, whose founders launched the company at age 19, and Tel Aviv–based brand Maapilim. While the number of product launches for men will still be low compared with products for women, the gap will narrow over time, according to Statista.

We tapped three editors to test this new mask—a detoxifying and exfoliating concoction of mineral-rich kaolin and bentonite clays, walnut shell powder, barley seed extract and more. To use, you simply apply the mask and wait for five to ten minutes. Which raises the question, what else can you get done while participating in your self-care?

These three guys found out.

ryan selfie selfcare facemask
Courtesy of Ryan Haney

Ryan Haney

Occupation: Social media editor at ONE37pm

Task: Playing Red Dead Redemption II on Xbox One

Face mask experience: None

Thoughts: I have never done a face mask before, even though my fiancée is a big believer. She’s got sheet masks, clay masks and one mask that looks like a jiggly little hockey puck. She always offers to share her masks with me, and I’ve always turned her down. Now, after actually trying one, I’m kinda kicking myself for the mug love I’ve been missing out on.

This weekend, I smeared on my mask and booted up Red Dead Redemption II. The contrast between what was happening in the game and what was happening on my couch was pretty jarring. While the sun beat down on the trail-worn faces of cowboys on the screen, walnut shells gently exfoliated my skin. I made Arthur Morgan skin an alligator in the middle of a fetid swamp, but all I could smell was sandalwood and lavender oil. The world of Red Dead was being slowly consumed by anger, greed and lust, but my skin was actually being purified by mineral-rich clays. Maybe, it occurred to me, if those cowboys had made a little more time for self-care, the West wouldn’t have been so wild...

saintil selfie selfcare facemask
Courtesy of Michael Saintil

Michael Saintil

Occupation: Associate art director at ONE37pm

Task: Listening to Future’s “Mask Off”

Face mask experience: Minimal

Thoughts: I don’t normally do face masks while wearing a Supreme shower cap, but it was a nice thing to do as far as self-care goes—cucumber for extra sauce. The mask has a nice smell and is really easy to apply. After rinsing off the mask, my face felt superb and refreshed. This is definitely something I can add to my normal routine. Bonus points for getting the whole thing done in the time it took to listen to “Mask Off” by Future.

bah self care facemask
Courtesy of Brian Anthony Hernandez

Brian Anthony Hernandez, aka BAH

Occupation: Senior editor at ONE37pm

Task: Watching Game of Thrones

Face mask experience: Somewhat frequent

Thoughts: My mask went from creamy AF to dry AF on my face within a minute, instantly transforming my winter-worn brown skin into something resembling a White Walker from Game of Thrones. Coincidentally, I was binge-watching GoT when the Night King, who rules all White Walkers, appeared on my TV screen. Seizing the moment, I quickly took a selfie with him. Twinsies! After I washed my mask off (cue Future’s “Mask Off” a la Saintil), my skin felt less White Walker–ish rough and more Jon Snow–ish smooth. I’ve used other face masks in the past—in sheet, stick and cream form—and this cream works just as well. Easy to apply and wash off.

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