From Game Time to Recovery, See How These TikTokers Are Taking the Under Armour SlipSpeed Everywhere

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TikTok: @justwolow, @bigserggg, @iamkrislondon

Gone are the days of gym bags stuffed to the brim. Instead, we're all about streamlining our gear and our lives. Which is why we're so impressed with TikTok's favorite new shoe: the Under Armour SlipSpeed. This versatile sneaker not only simplifies how you prepare for the gym (and your day), it also helps maximize your performance. Talk about the best of both worlds.

The Under Armour SlipSpeed has an adjustable heel that conveniently flips up when it's time to train and easily flips down to morph into the ultimate pair of comfy, everyday kicks. The BOA fit system also ensures a secure, personalized fit during each wear. And as you know, when you look good, you feel good—and you get in an even better workout. They have you covered for that too. 

But don’t just trust us, keep reading to see why athletes and TikTok creators are so excited about the Under Armour SlipSpeed.

1. They're Versatile Enough for All Activities

2. They Help Maximize Performance

3. They're Equally Stylish and Functional