How to Successfully Meet the Parents

So you’re meeting your partner’s parents. What should you wear? We’re here to take the stress away.

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Making a good first impression on your partner’s parents could lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness. Don’t mess it up. The best way to impress your potential in-laws is to appear confident, and to do that, you’ve gotta look the part. These five tips will help you avoid awkward introductions and “Man, I shouldn’t have done that” day-after regrets. Follow them all and you’ll be on the express train to the inner circle.

Dress to Impress

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We know you love your leather jacket. But when it comes to meeting your future in-laws, it’s tailoring FTW—especially if your introduction will take place at a special occasion.

But just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you need to be all business. Calvin Klein’s skinny-fit suits are modern and comfortable. Wear one in black with a V-neck shirt underneath and you’ll look just as cool as you do on date night.

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Do Your Homework

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Knowing what you’re getting into is crucial when meeting the parents. Where they live, how they live and what their relationship is like with your partner will help you prepare for a successful visit, whether that means packing your best jazz brunch tie or brushing up on your European politics. Strategy is everything. And hey, you should be asking your partner about this stuff anyway.

Bring Something to Share

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Swag is the universal language of love, so don’t show up to meet your partner’s parents empty-handed. Alcohol, flowers and sweets tend to be safe options. But again, do your homework. And if you can make it personal, great. Your partner’s dad is into microbrews? Bring some beer. Know your partner’s mom collects tea cups? Bring her a nice one.

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Don’t Show Off

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For your very first meeting with partner’s parents, play it somewhat close to the vest. Be polite and courteous, ask them questions about themselves, pay attention to your partner and keep the humblebrags to a minimum. Even in a family of extroverts, demanding too much airtime can be the wrong move. Show them you’re capable of listening and playing along before showing them your fiercest personality traits.

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Keep Up the Thread

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You did your homework, you dressed the part, you made a good impression. Good job. Now what? Keep the memory of your awesomeness alive. Send your partner’s parents a thank-you note or gift, friend them on Facebook or invite them to do something fun with you and your partner in a few weeks. The specific move is contextual, but the gesture is universal. Show them you want to be part of the family for real.