Here Is Your Ideal Summer Fit Based on Your Job Title

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Sun’s out, guns out—well, maybe on the weekend.

During the week, finding the right work-appropriate fit for a summer day can be more of a challenge. Bulky suits definitely aren’t ideal on days of unbearable heat, but rolling up in flip-flops and board shorts doesn’t exactly scream “working professional.” Even for the most casual of jobs, finding the right balance can be a hassle and a half.  

But look no further than this comprehensive guide of trendy looks for working men, from baristas to bankers. Time to retire those winter color schemes and warm layers to the back of the closet. Instead, opt for summer-friendly looks and lightweight pieces that won’t suffocate you in hotter temperatures. (Comfort: a concept.)

Not every working man is the same, and neither are his work fits. Check out our list for some summer inspiration.

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The Wall Street Banker

Occupation: Financier working his way up the corporate ladder, relishing his city skyscraper office with a view

Age: 28

What he wears: A spotless luxury suit in black or navy, looking especially sharp in case he happens to brush shoulders with someone in the C-suite   

The Wall Street Banker navigates the city streets with confidence and flare, so of course he needs the right outfit to look the part. He knows investing in a smart suit will be worth the extra change, but he wants to lighten up the look for the summer months. Following Michael B. Jordan’s lead, he can brighten his dark suits with beige or camel shoes and a bright white button-down.

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The Ad Agency Guy

Occupation: Creative brainstormer known for having his finger on the pulse of what is trending

Age: 25

What he wears: Plaid is his kryptonite. He can’t refuse stylish prints and designer shoes.

The Ad Agency Guy fits in nicely in his millennial-dominated office. Always on the cutting edge, he brilliantly blends the upscale with the casual. He has some preppy tendencies but knows better than to dress too clichéd. Take Tom Holland, who uses color to his advantage with this look. Dress shoes and plaid slacks are paired with a mustard yellow tee. With a hoodie in tow, he’s ready to dominate a presentation or kick his feet up in the office’s bean bag chair.    

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The Neighborhood Bartender

Occupation: Mixologist-in-chief, living in his Hoboken rental and working nights with the usual crowd

Age: 28

What he wears: Dark colors only—apropos for the local bar’s dim lighting and moody atmosphere    

Informal yet urbane is the Neighborhood Bartender’s fashion M.O. His fit must be flexible enough to move quickly and meet a steady stream of drink orders. Though simple in form, the look can be elevated by adding a creative twist. Channing Tatum opts for a patterned dark button-up and navy dress pants. This versatile ensemble can reflect the bartender’s individual personality while also adhering to the general dress code of the bar.

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Start-Up Entrepreneur

Occupation: Entrepreneur with high hopes of joining Silicon Valley’s upper echelon with his new advanced tech

Age: 23

What he wears: Jeans or joggers and sneakers that he wears over and over. And over.

Think Zuckerberg’s Adidas flip-flops, but better. A start-up culture can be unpredictable, chaotic and exciting all at once, and the right fit brings the start-up entrepreneur some much-needed comfort. Without the constraints of formal business attire, he can kick back in a relaxed look like Trevor Noah, dressed down with a trusty pair of sneaks.

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The Aspiring Filmmaker

Occupation: Movie-making hopeful, never without his camera. He shoots life how he sees it and constantly seeks inspiration for his next story.

Age: 20

What he wears: The most casual of casual pieces. Oh, and a newsboy cap or beanie.  

Perhaps not best known for his fashion sense, the Aspiring Filmmaker usually prefers to express his artistry from behind the camera. When he does put together a look, it is simplistic. Like this Brooklyn Beckham fit, it would likely feature Converse, trousers and an effortless tee. But the ensemble could also benefit from a funky accessory (like Beckham’s signature newsboy cap) to showcase the filmmaker’s creativity.

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Occupation: Freelance web designer with a decked-out home office space, blasting nostalgic rock for no one but himself

Age: 32

What he wears: Comfortable tees and baseball caps are his bread and butter, perfect for chilling at home and ready for an impromptu food run while working

Just because the WFH guy doesn’t commute to the office each day does not mean he wears sweatpants from 9 to 5. Somewhere in between the extremes of pajamas and suits is the ideal middle ground for the home office. Ashton Kutcher put together the perfect example, with a light navy jacket and a baseball cap. The WFH guy could spice up the simple look with a patterned shirt or graphic tee—whatever feels the most “him.”

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The Brooklyn Barista

Occupation: Coffee connoisseur at the helm of a trendy shop, slightly addicted to caffeine and very passionate about his booming enterprise  

Age: 31

What he wears: Sweaters, more sweaters and—yes, even in the summer—a sweater draped over his shoulders to keep with the comfortable coffee shop vibe

You’ll find the Brooklyn Barista hard at work, serving up steaming-hot lattes to eager customers. His fit reflects his shop’s easygoing yet inspiring ambience. Check out Milo Ventimiglia’s carefree summer look. It is understated and clean-cut. Together, this fit and a statement watch are the perfect coffee barista order (with an extra shot of espresso, please).

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The Still-in-School Guy

Occupation: Student on the grind taking summer classes to move up in the world

Age: 23

What he wears: Button-ups are his self-imposed uniform, as well as comfortable khaki pants or shorts

Whether he’s pursuing a master’s or finishing his GED, the Still-in-School Guy embraces those summer classes with a timeless aesthetic. Far from the cliché sweater vest, this look—sported below by Darren Criss—makes an impression. Button-up options are seemingly limitless, especially in the summertime. Bright colors and fun patterns can refresh this tried-and-true classic staple.

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The Indie Designer

Occupation: Entrepreneur selling custom sneakers out of his high-rise apartment in Hudson Yards

Age: 22

What he wears: Primarily simple pieces from streetwear designers. He always includes a pop of color or a statement piece as evidence of his secret fashion chops.

The Indie Designer is always on the hunt for new additions to his already well-curated wardrobe. Fashion is his business, and his unique sense of style establishes his credibility in the space. JB himself has spearheaded his own clothing label before and tends to don outfits that scream “high-fashion slob” or “scumbro.”

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The Venture Capitalist

Occupation: Investor with his eyes on the prize, always looking for the next big thing

Age: 30

What he wears: He takes calculated risks with his investments and with his fashion. Creative spins on classic fits are his speciality.

The Venture Capitalist is sophisticated yet bold. He represents the intersection of big business and everyday underdogs looking for their big break. His look, therefore, must be simultaneously refined and approachable. Like this Henry Golding outfit. With a dapper suit and a unique printed shirt, he embodies the perfect balance.

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The Local Tradesman

Occupation: Hometown carpenter regarded for his extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of the home-improvement trade  

Age: 35

What he wears: Business-casual clothing with a rustic touch, prepared to get his hands dirty for the tasks at hand

Not too polished and not too homely, the Local Tradesman maintains a reliable wardrobe with a few key pieces for a look befitting his industry. Mahershala Ali’s sartorial choices land him on many best-dressed lists, but even his dressed-down looks have something special. In this instance, he keeps it casual with dark pants and a laid-back denim button-up paired with a rusty orange jacket.

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