10 Vintage Pieces That Have Stood the Test of Time

Curated by Jordan Page of @veryadvanced

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Jordan Page is a vintage clothing enthusiast, stylist, brand strategist, consultant and DJ. He counts Virgil Abloh, Diet Prada and Shoes Of as followers on Instagram—otherwise known as the biggest movers and shakers in the world of style in 2019.

His page is an archive of nostalgic ’90s fashion, a kind of mood board that perfectly encapsulates what ’90s fashion was but, somehow, what 2019 fashion should be. Through properly credited (a rarity in the world of internet culture) archival images from campaigns, advertisements and movie stills, you can learn a thing or two—or 800—from Page.

ONE37pm sought out his expert advice, asking him to assemble the top vintage pieces he has unearthed from ’90s fashion that he still finds relevant today. Here is a definitive breakdown of every piece that still deserves a place in your closet.


Overalls, like these shot by legendary street style photographer Shoichi Aoki for STREET Magazine in 1988, are still a go-to in 2019. But don’t just go with the plain blue denim. Switch it up and get some with color. A pair of white, red or striped denim overalls are just as classic.

Band Tees

Vintage band tees are pretty timeless, and as proof here is a pic of Adrian Young from No Doubt in 1997 sporting a Fishbone tee from 1991. Check out merch from obscure bands like Fishbone, Happy Mondays or L7, because the deeper you dive usually means cooler graphics and more powerful statements.

Biking/Compression Shorts

This item comes courtesy of Mookie from the iconic Spike Lee film Do the Right Thing. Layering spandex shorts under looser cotton or denim shorts is a late ’80s/early ’90s trend that has stood the test of time. It adds cool layers, a sleek texture and more opportunity to get crazy with colors, and who doesn’t like that?

Cycling Jerseys

Piggybacking off the biking shorts trend is the cycling-jersey-as-a-casual-top look, which I consider more of a “new classic.” This is a more daring sartorial endeavor, but take a lesson from the legendary Busta Rhymes, photographed here in 1997, who has paired a Ralph Lauren Polo Sport cycling jersey with medium-wash blue denim for a very colorful yet understated outfit.

Funky/Colorful Hats

Funky hats are an enduring fashion statement and can be fun to wear, but only the most fashion-forward individuals can pull off this look successfully. I advise taking on this classic trend with major caution. But if you must, use these two dapper gentlemen from this 1995 cover of Street Magazine as an example of how to do a funky hat right.

Patterned Pants

Let’s be honest, this entire look is dope head to toe, but I really want to highlight the pants, because, in my opinion, it’s what ties it all together. If you’re a true fashion junkie very few pieces are more required in your wardrobe than a pair of classic patterned pants. Whether they are more conventional patterns, like plaid or pinstripe, or more abstract, like the pants seen here in this 1998 issue of FRUiTS Magazine, statement pieces like this are an absolute must for any wardrobe.


What in clothing is more perennial than grey sweats? Seriously, they’re just as lasting as a leather jacket or blue jeans. Whether worn separately or in combination, like this look from a late 70’s issue of Popeye Magazine, the classic coolness of the heathered set has endured the test of time.

Brand Logo Tees

Not to be confused with the earlier mention of band tees, your classic logo tee represents something a little different. Whether it’s Supreme, Stussy or Pervert, as seen in this photo from the September 1992 issue of The Source, your body becomes a walking billboard, embodying everything that brand represents.


An undying trend that stems from militaristic necessity, camo has endured sartorial stints in a lot of subcultures, most notably in the punk rock and hip-hop communities. Check out this head to toe camo look worn by rap legend and poet Tupac Shakur at the 1996 Soul Train Music Awards.


Yeah, yeah. I know summer’s just getting started but you need to be mindful about how you dress year-round at all times. Fall will be here before you know it and you’ll be boot shopping. And as boots go, no brand is more go-to than Timberland. My suggestion is to go a little outside the box with some patchwork six-inch construction boots like these from my own personal collection. And if you’re pressed to wear them in the summer, rock them with shorts.

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