Charlotte's Art Scene Was On Full Display at the Jumpman Invitational

We hung out with the team in Charlotte this past weekend

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1. Arko

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You are never going to know Arko's real identity. You won't see his face, you won't know his real name—you'll only see his art, and that's the way he likes it. A Charlotte-based Latin artist known for his use of recycled materials for his "scavenger hunt" pieces, murals and sculptures, Arko created a pretty sick basketball hoop for the Art With Air event that was 100 percent sustainably made.

"I asked for a couple of keywords, because that makes it easier for me," he tells ONE37pm elaborating: "Some of those words were royalty, swag, gold, and of, course, Charlotte. I always love incorporating elements of the city into my pieces, which you can see through the design of the city and the crown. I typically work with recycled materials, and for this piece I was able to call in the help of some friends to get what I needed. The background is 3D printed, and I actually learned how to tie a basketball net for this piece as well. I love characters and themes within my work, and while the city of Charlotte is very different from how it used to be, this piece still has the iconic themes that represents it. It actually only took me about two days to do everything, but that's was just mostly letting it dry."

You can keep up with Arko via Instagram.

2. Makayla

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Makayla Binter, in her artistic journey as a Black woman in America, explores the past, present, and future through vibrant and dynamic pieces that delve into societal inequities, and through revealing raw experiences that are simultaneously powerful, weak, and beautiful. Binter's art invites others into her world from the play of light, to the kink of a curl. For the Art With Air exhibit, Binter put her personal spin on traditional basketball jerseys."I was asked to incorporate a lot of purple into the jerseys—I guess because purple is a color that represents royalty," she told me as she was putting some the final touches on the jerseys.

The ethos of Binter's work is all about showcasing intentional emotion and discovery in every visual study. You can keep up with Makayla and her artwork on IG.

3. Garrison Gist

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Garrison Gist aka Paint Can Papi is an artist that infuses his work with the pop culture flair of the 1990s. Leading with spray paint, the former South Carolina Gamecock football player brings beauty to every creation. With an eye for art, Gist has been spotted painting in various locations around Charlotte, including Uptown's Victoria Yards, Wooden Robot Brewery in the South End, and the Bank of America stadium. For Jumpman, Garrison created a beautiful illustration of Jordan 4s, which he was actually in the process of redoing when we spoke to him because he didn't like his first attempt.

"My background in art is traditional drawing, spray painting, a little of bit sculpture work—actually a little bit of everything, but mostly spray painting. For this piece, we had a couple of buzz words to go off of which were royalty, swag, and incorporating the color purple. For me, when I think about swag my mind goes to Jordan 4s, and since the event is called Art with Air, I incorporated the word "Air" with a crown on it to represent royalty. I wanted to keep it simple, but still lean heavily into those key words."

You can keep up with Garrison and all of his work on Instagram.

4. DeNeer Davis

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DeNeer Davis is a Charlotte-born educator, muralist, speaker, and sneaker artist who graduated from UNC-Pembroke with a BA in Exercise Sports Science. A former NCAA Division II athlete, DeNeer shifted from her basketball dreams to art after tearing her ACL. Believing art is a powerful medium for self-expression and giving voice to the voiceless, DeNeer is an artist that both seeks inspiration and hopes to inspire others. "I wanted to have fun, be free, and be loose," she says describing the artwork she created for the event. "Jordan 6s are one of my favorite Jordans, so I wanted to create something that represents the city. 6s are translucent but they aren't icy like the 11s and 5s—you also have a tongue that's like the 11, but it's slightly different. The padding is comfortable as well. Also, Jordan won the 1991 championship in 6s!"

You can continue to follow DeNeer's artwork through Instagram.


6. John Harriston Jr.

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John Harriston Jr. is a fine artist/illustrator from Charlotte that draws inspiration from the Reganomics and Hip-Hop culture era. His unique aesthetic blends street art, expressionism, and vibrant colors together frequently. With participation in numerous group gallery shows nationwide and almost a dozen solo exhibitions, Hairston intertwines art and activism. Beyond creating, he hosts workshops for various nonprofits, embodying a commitment to the intersection of art and social impact. "Texture inspires me," Harriston Jr. says. "I like minimalism, but I also like taking things a little bit out control, but then bringing it back in."

You can check out John Harriston Jr.'s website here.

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