How to Keep Your Expensive Tees Fresh

10 steps to keeping your duds clean and crispy

We know that life can get messy.

You wanna eat your Cheetos while lounging in a cashmere-silk-blend shirt. Do your thing.

But what happens when your fingers, covered in pesky neon-orange cheese dust, happen to graze your chest? Clothing anarchy.

Put on your adulting pants and google “how to keep your sh*t fresh.” The trusty folks here at ONE37pm are covering the stuff that matters, like how to get Cheetos dust out of your favorite hype tees. We got you.

We’ve—very scientifically—ruined a harmless Naadam hoodie (we were very sad to see it dirtied) to put these cleaning tips to the true test. Below, we explain the ten steps that will keep your expensive tees, whether Supreme or Nike, fresh and clean.

1. What is the material?

The first step in making your dirty duds clean is to investigate the internal tag that explains the fabric’s makeup. This particular Naadam piece is cashmere and silk, the two most luxurious fibers in the world. Understanding the composition makes cleanup easier.

2. What does the care tag say?

Next, read the care tag for the manufacturer’s suggested instructions. This one says “Dry clean. Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.”

3. Get out the vacuum. 

Seriously. Getting rid of as much debris as possible is paramount. If you have a handheld vacuum (this one from Dyson is a game changer), use the interchangeable crevice tool on a low setting to suck up the dust.

4. Use some tape. 

If some debris is particularly stuck, you can use a roll of tape to lightly extract the Cheeto residue or whatever else from your prized tee. This is an old stylist’s trick. Make a sticky-side-out loop of tape and glide it on a tape roll and glide the sticky part over your garment to make it look as good as new. It’s like a lint roller, but better.

5. Find a bucket, sink or bathtub.

Where can you feasibly submerge your dirty duds in foamy suds? Do you have a bathtub? A kitchen sink? Locate a clean vessel.

6. Get mixing. 

Combine cold water and a capful of shampoo or a specialty delicate detergent like this one from The Laundress and your single clothing item. I also like this All detergent for its lack of colorants and fragrances. Hot water can actually cook any remnant food crumbs, so let’s not make bread. Stir it up.

7. Let it soak.

Wait at least 30 minutes. The specialty soap is breaking down the molecules of your spill. Put on some Netflix.

8. Rinse it good.

The most crucial moment of this process is a thorough rinse. Put the garment under the faucet in the sink or tub and run water through the fabric until it drips clear. All traces of neon orange should be gone at this point.

9. Roll it up.

Another unmissable step in washing your most expensive tees is the drying stage. Grab a clean towel, lay the garment flat on top of it and roll the towel and tee together like you’d roll a sleeping bag. This protects the delicate fabric while substantially drying it. Consider this a sophisticated version of wringing out a towel.

10. Lay it flat to dry. 

Skip the dryer. Lay this baby down on a flat surface (a drying rack is ideal, like this one or this one) and leave it be. You may have to wait upwards of a day while the fibrous strands evaporate all their moisture, but the longevity of your tee is worth it.

Mostly, you gotta clean your tees. Regularly cleaning your duds is the only way to ensure they’ll stay crispy. Even if an item smells and looks OK, it is gathering dust and debris, so it needs regular baths.

Just clean your stuff, folks.

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