The Nike Air VaporMax Plus is a Fall Must-Have Sneaker, Thanks to Kida the Great

Add them to your rotation this season and thank us later.

kida the great mobile
Michela M. Smith

In a world of infinite sneakers, we all need a little guidance in our footwear purchases. Luckily for us in the digital age, there's no end to the sources of inspiration available. From Kanye to Lebron, musicians, athletes and more have all emphasized their footwear choices in developing their unique personal styles. There's really no better way to understand sneakers' true potential than by seeing someone absolutely rock them. So we got one of 2020's icons, Kida the Great, to flex in the Nike Air VaporMax plus. 

kida hero resized
Michela M. Smith

The Nike Air VaporMax Plus is such a good sneaker for a myriad of reasons. Of course, they look amazing and their minimal style makes them easy to pair with almost anything. But on top of that, they're immensely comfortable. The VaporMax technology gives them extra cushion in the sole, making them a great fit for walking or—if you're Kida—dancing. 

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Michela M. Smith
kida vertical 2 of 2
Michela M. Smith

These kicks perfectly toe the line between flashy and lowkey. Sneakerheads will give you the nod of approval, and even those who don't spend their time poring over sneaker moodboards will get a kick out of them (pun intended). Kida looks absolutely unstoppable in these VaporMaxes, and you can too.