Meet Terrence Haynes Jr., Kodak Black’s New Favorite Designer

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Terrence Haynes Jr., the Detroit-born, L.A.-based founder and creator of bona fide clothing brand T+H, has a mission: He makes his own rules, he moves how he wants and he is absolutely unwilling to conform to trends.

“I’m from streetwear, but my brand is much more than that,” he says. “I’m more contemporary than anything, but I’m able to touch the streets. Other brands release just to release, but we don’t do that. I just want people to keep recognizing the growth, not to put me in a category.”

Haynes Jr., 26, has been designing and creating clothing since he was in high school in Michigan with pieces ranging from bags and outerwear to button-ups and shorts. Now he's fresh off designing his second collection, titled In Loving Memory, which came with a cosign from “ZEZE” rapper Kodak Black at the NYC listening party for his new album, Dying to Live. (Black wore one of Haynes Jr.'s floor-length fur coats to the high profile event).

In anticipation of T+H Volume Two dropping later this month, Haynes Jr. took a moment to speak with ONE37pm about his inspirations, the new collection, how music serves as an influence for the T+H design process, as well as share an exclusive photo from the collection.

How does Detroit influence the way you design?

Terrence Haynes Jr.: It all began in Michigan—just in the way the pieces are put together. Matching denim fits, crispy, clean real boss type of garments. I don’t like the new wave of people just putting on colors that don’t match… That’s never what I saw from people in Detroit.


What was the inspiration for the T+H Volume Two collection?

Haynes Jr.: Bloomfield, Detroit, Pontiac—that whole southeast region of Michigan. When creating this collection, I went back in time and thought about the things my mom would dress me in or what I saw people wearing. My pops inspired this collection a lot, his whole look. He was a real clean guy, shirt always tucked in, jeans creased, just well put together. The jeans I created in [this] collection are for him, a little twist to his creased jeans.


The name of the collection is In Loving Memory. What’s the significance of that?


Haynes Jr.: T.E.A.M, Volume One, was about who you spend your "Time, Energy And Money" with. I taught you in the collection, you are your only teammate; you have to rely on yourself. I was young when I created that collection and a felt I could everything alone.


Volume Two is entitled “In Loving Memory” because this collection is all about growth and self-realization. It’s about killing that selfish part of your mind that thinks you have to be a one-man show. I was watching the LeBron [James] joint More Than an Athlete and he lets you in on the inner workings of his team and how everyone has their role. As long as you do your part and do it well, the team can succeed. I had already finished designing the collection before this series released, but it validated what I was doing.

A lot of famous people wear things one time and you never see it anymore. I want you to appreciate the pieces. I’m not in it for the hype

- Terrence Haynes Jr.

Are there any artists you were listening to while you were designing this line?

Haynes Jr.: Payroll Giovanni, Thug, Kodak, Gunna, Carti, KEY!, Buddy, Nip, Lil Baby, The Internet, Nate Dogg… I can go on forever. I listen to a lot of people. Really just depends on the mood. My best friend, GROVESIDE, is a producer, so I’m always listening to production with no lyrics. His beats to me are visual. I can create garments to a track sometimes just by looping it.

If you could style anybody right now, who would it be?

Haynes Jr.: The thing is, a lot of famous people wear things one time and you never see it anymore. I want you to appreciate the pieces. I’m not in it for the hype. It took me a year to create this collection. My garments are timeless, and I want you to be able to keep it. I see a lot of people that would go crazy in my clothing, but the right plays will be made, we’re not rushing it. I believe in the universe and how it works. That being said, James Harden would go crazy in the navy double-breasted suit with the turtleneck.

How did you start working with Kodak Black?

Haynes Jr.: My homegirl Rashida is actually his stylist. She just put me on like she always does. We’ve been working with him since 2016 when he did the Freshman XXL cover. Every time she gets a job,  she calls me. It’s her client, so she just always shows me love.

Describe the piece he was wearing and why you thought it would be a good fit for him.

Haynes Jr.: Really that was Rah too. We just finished shooting the “Testimony” video and she was like, “I think he’ll wear the fur to his listening party.” I gave it to her at the airport and she wore it back to NYC for him. She sent me a flick at the fitting and it was a go.

Anything else to add?

Haynes Jr.: Just stay tapped in, I have a lot to show. The brand is a story of my life and how I move. So, you have to look at every volume to get a complete story. There will be a Volume Three.

You can shop the T+H collection on and follow the brand on Instagram

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