Lexus’ Electrified Vehicles Go Way Beyond Just EVs

If you're anything like us, figuring out a way to make driving more sustainable is a major priority. But it can also feel limiting—and like a huge lifestyle change—when a purely electric vehicle is your only choice. Well, we have some good news: Lexus' electrified vehicles extend far beyond the singular battery-powered electrics of old. With a line of vehicles that are as electric as you want to be, Lexus is making it easier than ever to find the right car for you to make a difference.

Because Lexus designs for people first, it created a comprehensive electrified experience—one that offers a range of options to elevate any lifestyle, including the RZ (All-Electric), the NX 450h+ (Plug-In Hybrid), and the RX500h (Hybrid) to name a few. Read on to find your perfect match.

LEX RXH MY23 0039

The Hybrid

Reliable. Dependable. Thoughtful. A Lexus Hybrid combines the technology of an electric powertrain with a traditional gasoline engine, for impressive performance and efficiency without a huge lifestyle disruption. Case in point: There's no need to plug in, since the self-charging powertrain operates automatically while you ride.

Not everybody has easy access to charging stations, so the Hybrid is a great option for those looking for a car that doesn't require a plug-in.

Lexus offers a wide range of Hybrid models for a more elevated, yet familiar driving experience. Click the links below to learn more about each.

Models: UXh, NX 450h+, RXh, ESh, LCh, LSh

LEX NXP MY22 0020

The Plug-In Hybrid

Bridging the gap between the hybrid and a fully electric vehicle, the Lexus Plug-In Hybrid is the perfect option for those who value a bit of flexibility. Under certain driving conditions, you can go fully electric (~37 miles), and the gas-powered engine is supplementary when more power is needed.

With the Plug-In Hybrid, you get the best of both worlds: knowing you're helping do your part by using an alternative fuel source, without any hesitation around where you'll find the next charging station.

Bottom line: This option is a great way to step into the future without compromising any of the things you've loved about your previous cars.

Model: NX 450h+

LEX RZV MY23 0091

The Battery Electric

For those ready to take the leap, look no further than the Lexus Electric. Here, you get the benefit of an energy efficient car, alongside technical innovations like remote/digital controls and advanced safety. Not to mention that this model is a joy to drive. Boasting breathtaking acceleration and all-wheel drive agility, the first-ever fully electric Lexus is the epitome of the marriage between luxury and sustainability.

Model: RZ

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With a myriad of ways to go electric, Lexus is providing a future built around you. Explore the full line of Lexus' electrified vehicles here.

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