Drivers Are Showcasing How Lexus' Electrified Vehicles Go Way Beyond Just EVs

lexus 1 jun27 mobile
TikTok: @ianpaget_ / @jazturner16 / @realadamrose / @allisonvenz

While "EVs" are a bit of a buzzword in car consumption right now, Lexus has been hard at work proving that there are numerous ways to go electric. Their roster of electrified vehicles—which runs the gamut from the RZ (All-Electric) to the NX 450h+ (Plug-In Hybrid) and the RX500h (Hybrid)—features an option for everyone. We took to TikTok to see real-life reviews of Lexus' offerings and hear about some of the drivers' favorite features. Check 'em out.

1. The luxurious interior will make your friends jealous.

2. The tech feels futuristic.

3. Great acceleration makes driving a breeze.

4. There’s an option for everyone.

Inspired to try them yourself? Explore the full line of Lexus' electrified vehicles here.