Meet Pierce Woodward

The Teen Behind TikTok's Favorite Jewelry

Brand Pierre

If I told you that a spoon had the potential to change a person’s life, it would likely be received with a dismissive laugh or a puzzled look. However, for Pierce Woodward, this is reality. The young entrepreneur started a business making rings out of found metal spoons on a whim in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since grown it into a massive enterprise. The teen has found massive success on TikTok, garnering millions of views on his videos where he displays his products.

Pierce Woodward

Having dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to pursue modeling, Woodward always dreamt of having a self-made career. However, during his tenure as a model, he realized that he was not going to achieve the life that he desired without other sources of income. Seeking new opportunities, Woodward purchased a ring shaping machine after seeing a friend using one to make rings to sell. Woodward then began hand making rings himself and advertising them on TikTok. The rings quickly caught the eyes of larger users on the platform such as Vinnie Hacker, who shared Woodward’s content with his own audience. Pierce’s approach to collaboration with other users gained him even more traction as he would often make custom rings suited to the tastes of every individual. This tactic of customization for significant customers drew from Woodward’s own experiences with brand collaborations. In his time as a model, he had found that often the interests and values of a company did not reflect his own, and felt inauthentic representing them. Therefore, Woodward made a point to cater to the wants and needs of his audience. 

The aspiring businessman quickly set up a website and sold out his first drop in two days, with the succeeding two drops selling out even faster and in greater numbers. Eventually, he proceeded to move the enterprise into a dedicated building and hired his friends to work alongside him in its expansion. Sales continued to surge and soon the company, now known as Brand Pierre, began to outsource manufacturing to maintain pace with demand. These days the brand has blossomed into a million dollar business.

With his brand steadily churning out new drops of rings, Pierce is setting his sights on other avenues like the burgeoning NFT market as well as real estate. Woodward emphasizes his desire to pursue happiness, but stresses not losing sight of what values he holds dearest in doing so. Authenticity and realness are the core of his brand, and he wishes to maintain that.

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