MELLER Sunglasses Helps You Channel Your Retro Cool

We spoke with creative director Charles Martinez to learn more

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MELLER is a sunglasses brand that needs to be on your radar as we approach the summer months. Born on the busy streets of Barcelona in 2014 from the initial curiosity to explore, MELLER has grown in the internet era, thriving on the irony of the times and expanding into new, sustainability-driven, online and offline realities. They propose an escape from the monotony, believing that the right pair of glasses can change your outlook on the world with the ultimate goal being to allow you the freedom of joyous experimentation, and the ability to immerse yourself into cutting-edge aesthetics.

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With several new models out, MELLER is determined to make this year one of smart rebellion. We chatted with Charles Martinez, the brand's creative director to learn more.

ONE37pm: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Can you first start by introducing yourself and the MELLER brand?

Martinez: I’m Carles Martínez, creative director at MELLER. My journey started on January 22 in view of the fact that MELLER needed an image update and a new brand strategy after 8 years focused on performance and influencer marketing. MELLER wanted to have a more playful and provoking tone of voice, getting into the underground and urban culture and being seen as a trendy brand. As a result, to generate and engage with a younger community more related to culture, art, music and the creative and digital era.

ONE37pm: We’d love to hear about the journey of MELLER from the beginning to where it is today.

Martinez: MELLER was founded 9 years ago, in Kuala Lumpur. At that time, 3 young entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to democratize the sunglasses industry and bring high-quality eyewear and designs to everyone. From its headquarters in Barcelona, MELLER was born as a digital brand and has been growing since then, selling our products globally together with our big data marketing strategy. In 2022, we sold a pair of sunglasses every minute, a milestone for the brand.

ONE37pm: Why sunglasses? What made you guys want to get into the world of eyewear?

Martinez: During the time MELLER was founded, eyewear brands weren't as usual as they are today, besides that sunglasses were far more expensive. Sunglasses were closer to luxury than to the people, and that’s where MELLER spotted a business gap and came up with the idea to reverse the sunglasses industry by offering affordable but still quality designs.

ONE37pm: Can you talk to us about some of the current styles you have out and what inspired them?

Martinez: MELLER has just launched a new collection, which perfectly defines where the brand stands at the moment. Our designs' purpose is not to be the most trendy, crazy, and flash lightning, but instead to fit the majority of people to find what they are looking for all day/year long by offering several styles, shapes and designs. Shades for all shapes and sizes!

Taking inspiration from fashion, street culture, thrift shopping and our community data, we have been able to develop easy-to-wear designs that fit everyone.

ONE37pm: What do you guys have planned for 2023 as a whole?

Martinez: This is such an important year for us in terms of sustainability. We have upgraded all our designs with a new Bio-based material which brings us closer to becoming a completely sustainable brand. Our objective is to keep growing our community and building a closer relationship with them. This will be achieved by doing physical events, such as our partnership with Sónar Festival, and collaborating with other brands to maximize our reach. Creating visuals that are fun, entertaining and relatable is part of the strategy, too, in order to make our social media a more interactive place for the customer. (Not to say, you should try our AR filters).

2023 will be the year where MELLER's rebranding will be 100% implemented throughout all the departments and strategies. We will be launching a new website, where genders will be erased and thus, all designs will be unisex and the brand will identify as such. We will also be designing new packaging. Last but not least, we will be entering the optics market by launching MELLER Specs, a side brand offering a huge collection of 50 designs, with both optical glasses and sunglasses. We believe we will make the industry turn upside down :)

Be sure to keep up with all things MELLER via their official website and Instagram.

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