One Style Influencer on the 10 Fall Pieces You Need

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Born and raised in the Bronx (fun fact: J.Lo’s mom was his kindergarten teacher!), Kevin Benejam honed a myriad of skills. “The Bronx gave me a lot of the street smarts that I use now in business, which gives me an advantage,” he says over the phone. He is continually hustling to build his businesses—a digital marketing agency called Entitled Ventures, a YouTube series called On Trend and a burgeoning Instagram account.

Here, he breaks down the top ten wardrobe essentials every guy’s closet is craving in the fall. You only have to scroll a few seconds through Benejam’s feed to realize he knows a thing or two about fashion. Consider these outfit staples this season.

1. Reebok Classics Club C Sneakers

I love these sneakers a lot because I can wear them with anything and they will make the outfit look slicker. I have worn them with a pink suit and everyday basics. I can wear these weekly.

2. A Plaid, Fall Coat

You need this in your closet. Like, there is no other option. Everyone knows that I always preach about how a coat can make your outfit. A plaid jacket can totally do that. Tossing one on top of your fit will elevate anything you’re wearing.

3. A Leather Biker Jacket

A black leather jacket can go with every outfit and every mood. If you want to feel casual, you can wear a hoodie underneath. If you're going to dress it up, add a white shirt. You will instantly look sleek and chic.

4. Fall Boots

Boots, like these from Amiri above, will elevate your look. You can wear something as simple as a T-shirt and jeans and these boots will enhance your outfit. Steal the look for a whole lot less with a classic Chelsea boot in a chestnut suede. 

5. A Chunky Scarf

OK, so I wasn’t a fan of covering my neck until one cold season where I was getting sick far too often. So now I wear one every day in the fall and winter seasons. Go big or go home, right? A scarf could be the accessory that lends extra warmth, but it could also add elegance to your fit. Wearing a scarf without a coat is an option too.

6. Cool, Tailored Pants

I have barely worn denim jeans in 2019. That’s because I have been wearing tailored pants or really cool joggers. With the right pants, any ordinary outfit can look like you put a lot of thought into it and feel ultra pulled together. Try it.

7. Leather Pants

In addition to joggers, leather pants are also replacing jeans this year. Leather pants add a luxurious flair to anything you wear. You have to see more from my favorite leather pants brand based in New York City called Anette Lo.

8. A Bomber Jacket

A great-fitting and cool bomber jacket can go a long away. You can effortlessly dress it up with a button-up or dress it down with a simple tee. Choose one with exciting details. If it’s a plain-colored bomber, make sure it’s good quality like Obama, above.

9. A stylish hat, beanie or fedora

Nothing sets the tone for an outfit like a hat. Studies show what you wear affects how you feel, and in turn, how you think. Hence the term "thinking cap." One of my favorite fedoras is created by Nick Fouquet in California, as seen on Jonathan Dos Santos above. Every hat is handmade by the artist and feels genuinely one of a kind.

10. Really Cool Pair of Shades

OK, so you know it is all about having that swag. Shades can give you an element of badassness that no other accessory can. Peep Kanye West wearing the sold-out, limited edition LV 1.1 Millionaire Shades by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. Cop the look for less.

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