How One Guy Overhauled His Grooming Routine Because of Social Media Marketing

My name is Josh. I’m a 21-year-old marketing student at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. I help manage @empathywines on social media across all platforms, acting as a community manager. I got my job at VaynerX by DM’ing Nate (one of the co-owners of Empathy Wines) on Instagram, showing him what I do in the social media marketing and management space. And now here I am. I love working at VaynerX. It is great to be working in this environment, and I am very grateful to be assisting one of Gary Vee’s businesses.

My usual grooming routine consists of washing my face in the morning and at night, using a simple Clean & Clear face wash to get rid of New York dirt and grime. But when ONE37pm’s style editor, Madison Russell, asked me to test some products that I’d seen advertised on social media and in the subways, I started implementing these four new products into my daily routine. This was quite a fun project. Here are my reviews. 

hims shampoo
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

Hims Shampoo

The first product I got to try was a shampoo by Hims. First of all, after posting a photo of this product on my social media, I got a ton of replies from people asking “Oh, does it really work?” or “When can I get some products?” thinking I had a Hims product plug connection of some sort. So I knew this brand was a rather large one and I had heard of the brand before I tried these products, so clearly their marketing is on point. I think it’s also pretty cool that they have @hims as their Instagram handle.

This shampoo has great packaging—nice and simple. Just a brown box with the word Hims on it in a cool and simple font. After opening the box, the design on the product itself made me feel like I was in for a heightened experience. It felt super nice. It has a fancy matte finish and cream color that looks very appealing.

My overall experience of using the product was a very pleasant one. The shampoo has a nice blue color with a great smell. I have curly hair, and I usually wake up with very curly hair. However, after using this product, I would wake up the next morning with what I like to call “tamed curly.” It almost looked like I had already styled it and was ready to head out without touching it or using any additional hair products. Almost.

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hims mornig glow serum
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

Hims Morning Glow Serum

Hims Morning Glow Serum also has great packaging design, almost identical to the brand’s shampoo. But I was questioning this product just a bit. Morning glow serum? Hmm, what does that even mean? Why would my face need to be glowing in the morning? To me, a morning glow serum sounds like signing up for my face to look greasy. I hate having a greasy face, as does everyone, so why make a product for that? However, this product certainly did not make my face look greasy. It just gave it a nice glow and left it feeling quite nice.

Overall, I don’t think I’d use this product again because I did not like the smell of it. It smelled a little like maple syrup.

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dr jacksons day cream
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

Dr. Jackson’s Day Cream

Dr. Jackson’s Day Cream had outstanding packaging as well. This product had my favorite look and feel. The packaging is a metallic black container that feels almost like a cool metal to hold and had a nice clunk every time I set it down on my bathroom counter. The product was great, and I actually look forward to using it more long term.

The cream has a nice smell to it, but it is certainly not meant to be used to smell good. It has a scent, but the point of using the product is more for its intended use.

It felt good to use a daily morning cream because it’s something I was in need of. My beard area sometimes gets a little dry, and this product moisturized and solved that problem.

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dr jacksons night cream
Josh Ordonez for ONE37pm

Dr. Jackson’s Night Cream

The night cream is basically the same experience as the day version. Same smell, same texture, and I am sure it has the same purpose—but at night. These products go hand and hand.

Another compliment for this brand is that they actually engaged with me on social media after I tagged the products in my Instagram Story.

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