NBA Stylist Courtney Mays Is Here to Help You Pull Off Track Pants

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Courtney Mays / Jace Lumley

Line up all the famous men shaping fashion trends today and chances are the majority of them are going to stand well over six feet tall and have action-figure abs. NBA pros haven’t always dominated the style conversation, but they certainly are in 2018. Courtney Mays is one of the stylists responsible for that shift. With her clients Chris Paul, Kevin Love and DeAndre Jordan, Mays has helped turn the arena tunnel into a new kind of runway—a place where you can spot the hottest sneakers, flyest suits, and best bags in the game.

Because we know you want to look just as fly as an NBA guy, we’ve asked Mays to answer some of your style questions. Check out the first installment below and give us a shout on Twitter with new Qs.

I love that track pants are back, but how do I wear them so that I don't look like my 90-year-old grandpa?

Courtney Mays: Hey, I bet your 90-year-old grandpa has a ton of swag though! [laughs] But honestly, track pants are a trend I don't see disappearing for a while, so why not master the look? Old school Adidas track pants always look cool but my personal favorites right now are regular trousers or chinos that just happen to have a contrasting track stripe down the side. They’re half track pants, half regular pants, which makes them easier to pull off.

My favorite styling trick is to pair one of these styles with a grey crewneck sweatshirt (try Gap) or a plain white T-shirt and classic jacket like a bomber or trucker. Also: fit is key, fit is key, fit is the proverbial major key (no DJ Khaled). I can’t say that enough. Make sure these pants are slim and ankle length for that extra sartorial look. No puddle hems, guys.

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Jace Lumley

Courtney’s Picks:

1 gucci 0

High-End Splurge

Gucci Wool Trousers, $690

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2 ovadia sons 0
Ovadia & Sons

Indie-Brand Investment

Ovadia & Sons Chinos, $295

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3 target 0


Jackson Jogger Pants, $25

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Can you recommend some dopp kit bags for a guy on a budget?  

Mays: The NBA guys were loving the dopp kit this season, it’s true. While theirs tend to be really high-end with monograms and logos, your deodorant does not necessarily need a luxury ride into the gym. There are plenty of options you can grab on a budget.

I love a dopp kit as a gym accessory or even something to keep in your desk drawer if you want to “freshen up” before you link up with the after-five crew. And obviously it’s still a go-to for travel. Don’t be that guy on the trip that whips out a ziplock bag smeared with toothpaste (insert side eye). Keep your stuff organized and presentable when hitting the showers. Your crush might notice the attention to detail!

Extra tip: By all means, buy more than one of these bags. I hoard small bags and pouches like this to use for a multitude of things. Organizing chargers, creating an emergency styling kit, storing receipts and hang tags, the list goes on.

Courtney’s Picks:

4 baggu 0

Baggu Travel Dopp Kit in Coral, $28

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5 herschel 0

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit in Woodland Camo, $30

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6 saturdays 0
Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC Chaz Dopp Kit, $95

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Are indoor sunglasses only for famous athletes or can I pull them off, too? How do I not look like a douche?

Mays: Let’s be honest, sunglasses indoors is a douche move, regardless of how many Instagram followers you've racked up. Unless you're an NBA king walking the proverbial arena runway, it’s a little silly. I do, however, think you should wear sunglasses to rooftop drinks, or while doing your favorite James Dean impersonation while driving down the 405, and obviously on the beach. And by all means, go for a strong shape or frame that gets you style points.

The only exception are today’s lightly tinted specs, which can pass indoors—especially spaces that just so happen to be flooded with natural light. Bonus points if you wear optical glasses and they’re actually helping you to see, too. I’m a big proponent of not spending your entire paycheck on a pair of shades that will probably end up under the car seat at some point, so check out Asos, Oshenta and Warby Parker for trend-forward styles on a budget.

Courtney’s Picks:

7 oshenta 0

Oshenta Lisbon Sunglasses, $78

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8 pull bear 0
Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear Aviator Sunglasses, $22

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9 orange 0
Urban Outfitters

Distinct Rectangle Sunglasses, $18

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