The Five Hottest Sneakers Released This Week

Are you copping any of these?

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Drops, Drops, and more Drops! In earlier entries in this series, I mentioned that things would pick up towards the end of January, and this week certainly didn’t disappoint. The theme word of this week is ‘bold.’ From bright yellow colorways to neon green exclusives, you’ll have no choice but to step out of your monochromatic comfort zone if you are looking to purchase any of this week’s sneakers. So let’s get to it!

1. Adidas ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade

ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade Shoes Yellow H68010 HM1
Adidas ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade / Adidas

Release Date: 1/29

If Minute Maid and Sierra Mist were to have a child, it would be the ‘ZX 8000 Frozen Lemonade.’ Seriously, these belong in a commercial. Designed in a retro citrus yellow and green pattern, and sports a cushioned midsole. A lemonade recipe is featured on the insoles, and the shoe is great for both running and personal wear. I personally would opt for the former as the unique colors could make it hard to pair with your regular outfits. It’s important to look stylish while exercising too, and I imagine this shoe would really make a workout outfit pop.


2. J. Cole x Puma Dreamer 2

Puma Dreamer 2 J Cole Yellow
J. Cole x Puma Dreamer 2 / StockX

Release Date: 1/28

J.Cole is back with a new colorway called the ‘Dreamer 2.’ An edgy performance shoe, the silhouette is dressed in what I call the ‘bumblebee’ with a yellow upper and black midsole. You could wear these shoes with any solid black color, and I think these would look especially dope with leather or vinyl. You could also for jeans, but I would veer more towards the darker side. The shoe itself is so bold that an equally bold outfit could end up overpowering the sneaker. However you choose to wear it, this is definitely a solid pick up.


3. Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort

air jordan zoom
Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort / StockX

Release Date: 1/29

I’m putting these on the list because many of us are having technical difficulties getting the ‘White Shadows’ and the ‘All-Stars.’ At this point, your only real shot purchasing them is on the secondary market (which can be nearly impossible). While not exactly the same, the ‘Zoom Comforts’ are a nice backup. It’s pretty much a replica of the ‘White Shadows,’ but with a purple gradient towards the top of the shoe. I understand some may not be fond of the purple, but I think it gives the shoe a unique look. The reflective Nike logo is also a nice bonus, and the $150 price tag looks a lot better than the $650 one I saw on the ‘All-Stars’ the other day. Your call.


4. Nike LeBron 18 'Dunkman'


Release Date: 1/30

Most of us took an L last week when Lebron dropped the Graffiti 8s, but we have a chance to redeem ourselves with this new version of the ‘Dunkman’ colorways. Similar to the ‘Lebron 7 Dunkman’ shoe released in 2010 (gosh, that was a long time ago), the ‘18s’ are pretty much a remixed version. The shoe has a black and green speckled design and sports a green midsole. It’s giving me Matrix Reloaded vibes, and I love it.


5. Jordan 9 Retro University Gold

Jordan 9 Retro University Gold / StockX

Release Date: 1/30 

These remind me a little bit of the ‘Jubilees,’ but with a black midsole and gold accents. You can never go wrong with a solid black shoe, and any ‘University’ style is a banger (if you go to Georgia Tech, you definitely need to cop these). I’d say this is a good transitional sneaker that can be worn during any season. A nice blend of black, grey, and orange without overwhelming the shoe. A solid pickup if you choose to purchase.


This week was the toughest one I’ve had so far. See you guys next week, and be sure to keep up with my sneaker updates via Twitter!

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