16 Nike Dunks That Will Transform Your Outfit

Nike Dunks first hit the scene in 1985 as a basketball shoe for college hoops teams. The shoe’s history is rich—it dropped just on the heels of its closest relative, the Jordan 1. The shoe’s initial run wasn’t as strong as the success of the Jordan brand, but it did hold enough weight to be retroed in 1998. From there, it took on a life of its own after it was officially adopted as a skate shoe in 2002.

Now? The Dunk isn’t just a skate classic—it’s part of the fashion world. The shoe’s blank canvas has been turned into many a crazy design over the years, from cult classics like the De La Soul Dunks released in 2005 to today’s newest Tiffany & Co. collaboration. With a vast archive of releases, Dunks are among the most creative shoes you’ll ever see. A pair can make your entire outfit the talk of any party. Here are the wildest ones worth your coin.


Thomas Campbell "What the Dunk"

This sneaker is one of the most colorful pieces you’ll ever see. It commemorates multimedia artist Thomas Campbell’s work with Nike over the years. It features a ton of colorful designs that, at first glance, look a bit out of place. But as you marvel at the shoe and the artistry behind it, you see everything fits together perfectly in the most chaotic of ways.


De La Soul Hi 2005

These are an absolute classic. They’ve been featured in bars from your favorite rappers and on the feet of some of your favorite skaters. They’re a tribute to the De La Soul rap group and prominently feature an elephant print many Nike fans are familiar with. This shoe embodies '90s culture.


Raygun Dunks

This shoe is another classic from the early 2000s and has recently been featured on Kyrie Irving’s Kyrie 4 signature shoe. The shoe was inspired by a fictional ABA team, the Roswell Rayguns, created by Nike. It comes in a black "home" colorway and a white “away” colorway, giving you all types of flavors. 

dia de los muertos

Dia De Los Muertos

Nike’s Dia De Los Muertos Dunk, which means Day of the Dead in Spanish, celebrates the Mexican holiday in which they mourn and celebrate their relatives who have passed. The shoe heavily features orange leather on its upper, but also comes with black and purple suede accents all over with green, purple, yellow and white skeleton designs. The translucent sole exposes an eye-popping skeleton design. 


Salt Stain Nike Dunk High

The Salt Stain is a unique shoe because its material is worn down the day that you get it. No two pairs are alike. Each features an upper made up of distressed material inspired by the wear and tear shoes get when they’re hit with salt from snow trucks in cold places.

nike dunk high melvin white

Nike Dunk High "Melvin" White

I’m not sure how to describe this shoe other than "sharp." It’s part of a collaboration with the '80s band The Melvins. The white colorway features a red, “bloody” bottom that pops out. The shoe also comes with a black colorway. 

nike dunk low sk8 or die 1 of 1 0

Nike Dunk Low "Sk8 or Die"

This shoe was the first sneaker I ever purchased with my own money and, boy, it might still be my best. The upper features a black leather base, but that’s only the beginning. The accents on the shoe are a sharp teal and orange. The swoosh is a vibrant, highlighter yellow and the laces bring just as much color. The shoe was inspired by the Skate or Die! video game and you can absolutely tell. This one has a video game feel to it. 


Concepts Stained Glass Dunks

Those stained glass windows that you see in a church? That’s what these shoes are. All over. This Concepts collaboration features vibrant red, blue, yellow and gold colors all over the place that can fit with almost any outfit you’d want to put on. 


Northern Lights Low Dunks

These Dunks are beautiful. They almost look like the OG Nike “Blink” Yeezy that produced the original glowing neon green, black and pink aesthetic. But this carries that pattern on with force. It’s inspired by the Aurora Borealis and features a star pattern on its heel and its swoosh really makes the shoe pop.  


Nike Dunk High Premium "Waffle"

If you like food, you’ll love these. The shoe’s swoosh comes with a syrup effect that really makes the shoe special. The shoe, quite literally, has the texture of a waffle. I know—it sounds pretty silly. But try and spot these in real life. You’ll be sold.

a wolf in sheeps clothing 0

Nike Dunk High "A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing"

This shoe does its best to give you a real sheep-life aesthetic. It’s upper features a texturized suede material made to feel like an actual sheep, but in turn gives you a scratch-off swoosh that shows off some gnarly teeth. How much you want to reveal is up to you.

dinosaur jr

Nike Dunk High "Dinosaur Jr."

These dunk classics were released in 2007 and inspired by the rock band Dinosaur Jr. They look super futuristic with an upper that is completely silver. There’s a purple accent to the shoe with the band’s logo on the heel. 

nike dunk high humidity

Nike Dunk High Humidity

These joints, like the Dinosaur Jr., feature an upper that is almost completely metallic gold. They were inspired by brass horns, paying homage to New Orleans’s legendary jazz culture. They come with a luxurious purple velvet lining and a bow on top of the laces to boot. These shoes are classy.

nike dunk low diamond supply co

Nike Dunk low "Diamond Supply Co." ComplexCon Yellow

These are a reprise of the original Diamond Supply Co. Dunk in a low cut with a modern twist. They’re almost completely canary yellow with a silver swoosh, but when you peel that layer back it reveals the same Tiffany color that made the original shoe so special. 


Nike Dunk High "MF Doom"

Skate culture is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture and nothing says that more than these Doom dunks inspired by MF Doom. These were part of a collaboration with the rapper and feature his name stitched on the ankle. Marvel villain Dr. Doom’s mask is also featured prominently on the tongue, just above the shoe’s bright red laces. 


Nike Dunk High "Gasparilla"

This was a collaboration from the Skate Park of Tampa and created for Tampa’s annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival. They were inspired by the fictitious pirate José Gaspar. The heel features a multi-colored spread that pops out at you immediately with two pirate swords on the toe creating a familiar pirate aesthetic. 

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