Nikes Are Dancing Shoes, Just Ask Kida the Great

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Michela M. Smith

Nikes are basketball shoes. Nikes are skate shoes. Nikes are running shoes. And of course, Nikes are dancing shoes, just ask Kida the Great.

Part of Nike’s massive success is owed to the brand’s incredible versatility in their sneaker design. They’ve had immensely successful shoes in almost every sport, from tennis to skateboarding. The Nike Air Tech Challenge? Unstoppable. The Nike Air Jordan 1? Unbeatable. The Nike Blazer? Too skateable.

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Michela M. Smith
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Michela M. Smith

We got So You Think You Can Dance champion Kida the Great to show off the Nike Air Max 97, which is now firmly cemented as a dancing shoe. Although the kicks are billed as “casual sneakers,” their commitment to comfort makes them a great fit for walking around town or—in Kida’s case—getting a fit off while you dance in the street.

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Michela M. Smith
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Michela M. Smith

Between the bold Nike long sleeve tee, taped joggers and reflective Air Maxes (not to mention Kida’s jewelry), the Instagram sensation is absolutely drowning in checks. It’s an immaculate fit, one so precise you could tune your watch to it. Nike is still best in its class, and thanks to Kida, its class just keeps on expanding.

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