Here’s How Nipsey Hussle’s Outfit Inspired My Summer Vacation Look

Why fit in when you can stand out?

My favorite hue is Jay-Z Blue.

Jay-Z rapped this verse on the remix of Young Jeezy’s hit song “Go Crazy”. The song helped Jeezy’s debut album Thug Motivation 101 reach platinum status and is considered to be a classic album by most hip hop critics. But there’s a new kind of hue that has quickly knocked off the newly crowned billionaire rapper’s reign as the unofficial king of the color blue.

My favorite hue is J̶a̶y̶-̶Z̶ Nipsey Blue.

- Omari White

Nipsey Hussle grew to become one of hip hop’s rising superstars after the release of his debut album Victory Lap. The album exemplified Hussle’s persona that fans and entrepreneurs grew to love and embrace. Investing, believing in yourself and motivating those around you to push forth greatness are traits that Hussle embodied. Hussle lived out what he rapped as he was able to successfully purchase land where he hustled, and with the help of his brother, he hit the jackpot by selling out apparel from his Marathon Clothing brand. In addition, he brought greater community activism with the launch of Vector 90 by incorporating the entrepreneurship mentality into his own businesses, hiring ex-convicts to work in his stores and to get back on the right path.

Sadly, his life was ended on March 31, 2019. Hussle’s legacy continues to inspire the public to get heavily involved in creating their own stream of income and most importantly, see themselves as the kings and queens they are despite the obstacles they are facing. His signature slogan—"The marathon continues" inspires people to be content in enjoying and trusting the journey of reaching their ultimate success in life. After all, it’s never a race and success doesn’t come overnight.

Recently, Nipsey has been buzzing in the hip hop community thanks to the help of DJ Khaled. Khaled dropped his 11th album entitled Father Of Asahd, in which the lead single features Nipsey’s first posthumous verse since his untimely death. “Higher,” whose video features John Legend as well as Hussle, showed Nipsey sporting a beautiful, iconic silky blue suit with black slip-on shoes.

The look not only represents the color in the gang he had loyalty to, the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, but also exhibited royalty, kingship and God-like energy that comes with viewing the authenticity of a person who knows the power in the words he preaches about in his music.

Nipsey’s iconic fashion look in his last appearance in a music video ever inspired me to attempt to recreate a similar style of the outfit during my mini vacation in Hawaii. The cobalt blue slim fit casual button-up shirt by Calvin Klein meshed in perfectly with the beach linen slacks made by Tommy Bahama. But what brought some extra pizzazz and swagger to the outfit is the Blue Velvet Silver Polka Dots Italian loafers made by Del Toro.

Amanda Stewart
Amanda Stewart

The look that was inspired by Nipsey’s swagger in the video helped me develop a new appreciation for the color blue. Although my favorite color is red, blue brings a calm truth knowing that the life and daily grind people such as myself go through comes with truth, faith and most importantly, wisdom.

Hussle dropped some major gems in his raps and interviews that have helped my journey in the grind. His silk outfit represents the smooth outer appearance when you have a swagger that saw it all and is wise enough to spread knowledge to the next generation of grinders.

“Nipsey Blue” is still a thing and the marathon continues.

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