7 Affordable Over-Ear Headphones You Can Buy on Amazon

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Over-ear headphones are a staple on the ONE37pm office row. Open plan offices require headphones, and our editors favor the robust style of an over-ear model to in-ear versions like Apple AirPods. Maybe it's because once you put them on, working suddenly feels like spinning vinyl behind the turntables in your own, 9-to-5 DJ booth.

More than 30 percent of Americans say that they use headphones on a daily basis and total global sales amounted to 368 million dollars in 2017. Flimsy, in-ear options often provide a lesser quality sound and do nothing to drown out the disruptive office chatter. People use headphones to listen to music or watch television more than any other activity, according to a Statistica survey, and that requires surround sound. Over-ear headphones are a better option.

Whatever the reason, here are seven over-ear headphones you can buy on Amazon at reasonable price points, the person they're most suited for and the reason we—and others—love them.

audio technica ath overear headphones
$150 / Amazon

Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BTBK Wireless

Best for: The Moves Maker

Why we love it: These Bluetooth wireless headphones can pair with up to eight devices so you can transition between your commute, workspace and home life with ease. With built-in mic and volume control switch conveniently in the earcup and a price of $150, we love these Audio-Technica wireless headphones.

Amazon reviews say: "I hope to save many of the readers some time when looking for a great sounding, compact, Bluetooth wireless set of headphones. These are the ones." - Eric J.

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bang and olufsen grey overear headphones
$215 / Amazon

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless

Best for: The Trend Setter

Why we love it: Bang & Olufsen delivers on two things: Sound quality and minimal style. In unique colors—like gray with gold and steel blue with silver—you'll stand out from the crowd. This Beoplay H4 model is their answer to an accessible price point, and at $215 you really can't lose. Wireless and Bluetooth enabled, they're crafted with leather, aluminum and steel. 

Amazon reviews say: "God I love these. Easy to use. Great sound. Clear. Just enough bass. Battery lasts f o r e v e r ." - Brian T.

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beats solo 3 verear headphones
$300 / Amazon

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Best for: The High Roller

Why we love it: Though the most expensive on our list, these Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are also the most frequently purchased in our office. With up to 40 hours of battery life, they deliver award-winning Beats sound quality and on-ear comfort. These headphones are a classic choice if you're feeling decision fatigued. 

Amazon reviews say: "I charge them once a week and often fall asleep with them on Audible and wake up to them still playing all night and still only charge about once a week." - Dustin H.

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jabra move style overear headphones
$100 / Amazon

Jabra Move Style

Best for: The Deal Seeker

Why we love it: We're almost shocked that you can score Jabra Move Style headphones for $100. With music and call functionality and an ultra-light, comfortable headband, you can keep these babies on all day. They're available in three colors, and we're into all of them—black, beige and navy. 

Amazon reviews say: "I'm an audiophile at heart, but now I'm an audiophile on a BUDGET!" - Ezaz

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bose quiet comfort 3 overear headphones
$350 / Amazon

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

Best for: The Focused Neighbor

Why we love it: Has your office recently transitioned to "open concept"? You may be in dire need of these Bose QuiteComfort headphones with three levels of world-class noise cancellation for a better listening experience in any environment. This particular model is Amazon Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information and more, so no need to search manually for your music. Also, this triple midnight color is stunning. 

Amazon reviews say: "I've got a Siri button on the right side and an Alexa button on the left side. I've paired it to both my iPhone X and my 2018 MacBook Pro. It works flawlessly." - Chris

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aiaiai overear headphones
$200 / Amazon


Best for: The Minimalist

Why we love it: Our style editor favors these classic, minimal headphones from AIAIAI. The powerful, sturdy headphone will get the job done in a sleek package. There are no frills here—they're not wireless, no Bluetooth, no phone call capabilities—but if you're looking for a classic, black over-ear headphone at an accessible price, these are for you. 

Amazon reviews say: "Surprisingly deep bass with an impact! Love these headphones. I would recommend them to anyone shopping" - Monica L.

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audio technica dj overear headphones
$150 / Amazon

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Best for: The DJ Wannabe

Why we love it: Our social media editor has these clasped over his ears for 50 percent of the day, and he approves of this Audio-Technica model. The sound quality is great and they come with multiple cord options for true, DJ vibes and 90-degree swiveling earcups for easy, one-ear monitoring. Live your DJ dream. 

Amazon reviews say: "Oh my lord panty dropping audio blissfulness, the Gods have spoken, how the hell did I miss this, hot damn." - devolv3

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