9 Fire Fits from Paris Fashion Week's Real Catwalk: The Streets

Paris Fashion Week SS20 was eventful as ever: catwalk crashers, a highly anticipated Balenciaga runway show, VIP parties with Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, and of course, the street style—oh, the street style.

ONE37pm sent photographer Chona Kasinger to capture fire fits in the most stylish place of all: the streets of Paris. Kasinger documented and spoke with modeling agents, stylists, designers and photographers about their style inspiration, and advice they’d give to their younger selves.

Below, looks from Paris Fashion Week SS20 that include chunky Balenciaga’s, Raf Simmons Adidas, Nike’s and some good ol’ fashion rain boots since the weather forecast was a little wet.

Enrique, 22, Stylist

Hometown: Paris / Singapore

Advice: “Be yourself, try to create and follow your dreams, always have ambition. Life is a wardrobe, you chose how to live it.” 

Instagram: @enrichsant

Ethan Miller, 30, Manager at IMG models

Hometown: New York City

Style icon: “Isaac Hayes and Fela Kuti.”

Instagram: @ethanmiller71

Xie Weixiao, 33, Photographer

Hometown: Paris

Advice: “Be tough.”

Instagram: @xie_weixiao

Wolter, 28, Photographer

Hometown: Paris

Style icon: “Jeff Goldblum”

Instagram: @_monsieur.monsieur_

Theo, 27, Space Designer

Hometown: Paris

Style icon: “Phoebe Philo.”

Instagram: @theodsgrdn

Emile Degorce-Dumas, 33, Artist

Hometown: Paris

Advice: “Love.”

Instagram: @emiledegorcedumas

JP Singson, Age N/A, Buyer

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Style icon: “My mom.”

Instagram: @jponfashionspeed

Naraid, 36, Graphic Designer

Hometown: Paris

Advice: “Experiment with what you have, be cool and kind.”

Instagram: @naraid_

Camille Cabanis, 36, Shop Owner

Hometown: Lyon

Style icon: “Samuel Ross.”

Instagram: @k1000.reloaded

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