Get to Know Pedro Munoz, the New Face of the Food Game

Catching up with the skater ahead of his web series launch event with ONE37pm

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Shot by Jason Morena

“I feel like I have gold in my hands,” Pedro Munoz eagerly tells me, grinning as we discuss his forthcoming web series, Pedro Eats Everything. The Bronx native is as magnetic and charismatic in person as he appears in the series. As we discuss the launch, his enthusiasm gets me even more excited. Pedro Eats Everything—brought to you by ONE37pm—launches IRL at a viewing this Thursday in NYC, with a web launch to follow.

Who is Pedro Munoz?

“Before skating, I was just nerdy in the crib playing video games,” Pedro chuckles to me as he begins explaining how and when he first got into skating. He began around the age of 12, and credits the lifestyle with developing so many of the relationships he’s had to this day. He tells me a little anecdote about watching an older neighbor skateboarding from outside his window in the Bronx and how it fostered an early fascination with the practice. As he got into it, he quickly began taking it seriously.

“I took it more seriously than everyone else I was skating with at the time,” he tells me, adding: “I wanted to achieve something.” He grew up inspired by P Rod (“He’s the goat”) and other skaters who have now become friends and mentors. Manny Santiago has been a huge inspiration as well: “He always motivates me to keep pushing and pushing and pushing.” There’s a little twinkle in Pedro’s eye when he talks about Manny: “He’s still elite. He’s the most consistent dude on the board."

Pedro Eats Everything

Pedro Eats Everything is a lifestyle series, marrying Pedro’s love of skating with his unorthodox interest in the culinary arts. If you follow Pedro on IG, then you’re familiar with his patented style of dining horizontally, unencumbered by the rigidity of table dining. “Not all of us sat at the dinner table, coming out of a Spanish household,” he tells me of his upbringing and the genesis of his nontraditional style. “I built an audience off of me eating,” Pedro explains, going on to tell me that he now frequently receives DMs of excited kids replicating his comfortable eating style.

Pedro recently became a father, and his life ethos has widened in scope beyond just skating in recent years. “Right now, my energy is towards the food show, my daughter and being a good father,” he tells me; he’d already shown me some pictures of his wonderful daughter and in every utterance you can tell just how much he centers her in his worldview. 

“I got the skating fanbase and the food. And now look, I put the two together,” Pedro smiles to me.

Whatever I’m doing, it don’t even matter. I just have the opportunity to be free and do what I’m doing.

- Pedro Munoz

The series premieres in person this Thursday at OS NYC, with a web series launch to follow soon after. Keep up with Pedro on his IG for more info on the show and what he's up to.

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