Pete Davidson, Younes Bendjima and Shia LaBeouf: What to Wear After a Bad Breakup

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Ariana Grande reportedly changed the locks on her $16M Zaha Hadid-designed apartment in Chelsea, blocked her ex, Pete Davidson, on all social media and sheared off her ass-grazing ponytail to demarcate a new chapter post-breakup. It was a hair transformation which screamed: “thank u, next bitch!” In retaliation, Davidson dyed his hair troll doll blue at a Sally Hershberger salon.

The optics weren’t great for Davidson, who was dubbed "butthole eyes" by haters and appeared unfazed by his split with the singer on Oct. 14. He continued to crank out the “marry me” jokes in SNL promos and on Weekend Update segments. But despite his lack of public mourning, Davidson went through a subtle style shift, possibly color-matching his mood to his troll doll hair.

The BDE comic who pioneered “scumbro” style tripled down on his pastel hoodies in a bid to prove he was dealing just fine, thanks, and would continue to be his carefree, big-mouthed self. His other style moves? He severed all inked connections to Grande by covering up a few tattoos devoted to his ex. He has since dyed his hair Storm gray and is apparently back on the dating app Raya with a profile that reads, "It was either this or The Bachelor."

2018 has been a rough year, man. No celebrity union is immune from destruction. We have witnessed the demise of many celebrity relationships including, but not limited to, Chris Zylka and Paris Hilton; Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth; Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus; Younes Bendjima and Kourtney Kardashian; and Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

These guys’ style didn't drastically transform post-breakup, but each made certain sartorial moves that cashed in on their solitude, the style equivalent of these images of Nicole Kidman after signing the papers finalizing her divorce from Tom Cruise. Let’s take a walk through the relationship graveyard of 2018.

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Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has always dressed like all his other clothes were in the wash. The tearaway snap pants and hoodies somehow placed him at the forefront of 2018’s "scumbro" trend. He was hailed as a slob-ebrity by the Wall Street Journal. Davidson has cycled through brands like Heron Preston, Supreme, Supreme, Supreme, Palace, Balenciaga and Alexander Wang—mostly to a degree of success, but he has admitted his style missteps. As for his bleached hair, it's a sign, according to, that he’s "really going through it." There is no denying he is somehow carving out a space for how to win while dressing like a kid from the Valley whose entire identity is built around having tickets to Camp Flog Gnaw.

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Younes Bendjima

Younes Bendjima, that erstwhile bole whom Kourtney Kardashian straddled on sea doos all last summer, was dumped in August after two years of dating. "They really want me to be the bad guy," he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post with a series of laughing emojis. "F--k your Hollywood bullsh-t (can't have fun with your friends no more)." After they split, Bendjima—who paraded in a lot of risky fits while they were together (namely, this pair of striped overalls)—has worn Jil Sander, Margiela and Emanuele D’Angelo’s nascent influencer brand LIVINCOOL. Paired with fuckboy staples like a bucket hat or the Air Max Penny 1s, Bendjima seems to be flexin’ with the luxury labels. It’s working.

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Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf was married to Mia Goth for two years. They got hitched in a flash-bang ceremony in Vegas in October 2016 and filed for divorce in Sept. of this year, just as LaBeouf was spotted in London leaving the home of his new girlfriend, singer FKA twigs. In a swap to make Shania Twain’s head spin, Goth may be dating twigs’s ex, Robert Pattinson. Through it all, LaBeouf has maintained his status as king of tucking pants into socks. Carefully documented by @shiasoutfits, the actor-cum-performance artist has mastered the art of the thrift, pairing graphic tees with lace-up boots and slim-fitting pants. He could give a masterclass in trash bum chic. And maybe those looks helped win over the heart of his new eccentrically dressed partner.

Channing Tatum

Nine blissful years of marriage later, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan consciously uncoupled, releasing a joint statement on Instagram in April announcing their separation. While Tatum was never considered a style god during their marriage, he has recently, as of this past weekend, buzzed off his hair in a bid to return to his former days as a model. “So serious when try'in [sic] to get back to that 2003 P Diddy Sean John runway look,” he captioned the photo. Not a bad move to emulate—prepare for 2019 by cutting off your locks and leaving your broken heart, and hair, on the barbershop floor.

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