Your Favorite Music Celeb's Creative Director Just Dropped a Fresh New Collab

In partnership with Reigning Champ, Jide Osifeso unveils his new collection, "Weeping Eye"

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Photo Courtesy of Reigning Champ x Jide Osifeso

Jide Osifeso, a Southern California native, is the founder and designer of HYMNE, a Los Angeles-based clothing brand and design studio. Osifeso is most known for his work with mega music stars and global brands like Kendrick Lamar, Jaden Smith, SZA and Nike.

Now, Osifeso collaborated with Reigning Champ on a limited-edition release called "Weeping Eye." Inspired by the Pacific Northwest—Reigning Champ's hometown—the collection is utilitarian and athletic. 

"I wanted to explore what it means to become a victor," said Osifeso in a press release. "I’m interested in the internal struggles to become a champion of your own life. You know the term ‘smile now, cry later?’ I started this project during a time in my life where I was at the ‘cry later' part,’ and it’s often here where one starts the process of realizing a change is needed." The limited-edition collection will be available starting Nov. 21 and retails for between $115 and $550.

ONE37pm had the chance to ask Osifeso a few entrepreneurial questions about what inspires his grind and how he finds inspiration. Take a look.

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Photo Courtesy of Reigning Champ x Jide Osifeso
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Photo Courtesy of Reigning Champ x Jide Osifeso

ONE37pm: How did this collab with Reigning Champ come together?

Jide Osifeso: I had conversations about products and processes in a general sense several times over the years with Reigning Champ. Our approach to design and business seemed to be pretty complementary. One day, the then brand manager at Reigning Champ asked if I’d be open to doing a guest designer line. We then pretty quickly got to work. 

Can you elaborate on what the collection's title, "Weeping Eye," means in your life and your daily grind? 

Osifeso: Weeping Eye is two things: It’s about the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest and the way I feel when I'm there; It's a somber and calming place, I love it. Weeping Eye also represents the theme of loss or defeat. When I sat down and thought about what I wanted to say with the Reigning Champ partnership, I tried to dissect what it is to be champion. I found that the formula contains both wins and losses. A hero is a victory preceded by a fair share of defeat. Weeping Eye is the first step. 

What's your top advice for young creatives looking to blaze a similar trail?

Osifeso: Don’t be afraid to go your own way. There’s a "follow the leader" mentality that is easy to imitate when you’re just starting. I still believe that having your perspective is the way to achieve real success. True success is to be great, not necessarily to have the most money or accolades. Hopefully, those come with it, but first, you must master your craft your way.

Lastly, what are your go-to books and mentors you lean on for inspiration and motivation when you need a spark?

Osifeso: There’s so many, but I'll name a few. At the moment, I'm reading a book called The New Black Vanguard by Antwaun Sargent that I love right now. It captures the new wave of influential contemporary artists doing great work. I get inspired every time I open it up. For real clothing inspiration, I loved a Japanese magazine called HUGE in the early and mid-2000s. I have an unreasonable amount of their print issues in my garage that I go back to and reference often. I read a book by Kenya Hara called White a while ago that I often reference when starting a new project. It details the design and communication ethos that I share. I use it as a point of reference when I need to clear my mind.

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Photo Courtesy of Reigning Champ x Jide Osifeso
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Photo Courtesy of Reigning Champ x Jide Osifeso
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