Check Out Rhone's New Innovative Lab And Collection Titled 'NanoProjects'

We spoke to co-founder Kyle McClure ahead of the release

Courtesy of Rhone & Aaron Colussi

Today is an exciting day in the world of Rhone as the company is gearing up to launch its new innovation lab and higher-end label that will live under the performance lifestyle brand. Known for their luxe fabrics and performance technologies, Rhone is taking their product development a step further with the launch of Nanoprojects.

Created by Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Kyle McClure, Nanoprojects pushes creative limits and explores cutting edge designs, materials, and techniques. The exclusive collection debuts today, and through this launch the brand will continue to push forward Rhone’s commitment to rethinking the status quo and creating the wardrobe of the future.   

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Rhone Nanoproject / Courtesy of Rhone

We spoke with McClure ahead of the launch about bringing Nanoprojects to life, and how this capsule differs from previous releases.

ONE37pm: Rhone is gearing up to launch Nanoprojects which will be an innovative higher-end label. What has that process been like in terms of creating this collection?

McClure:  Nanoprojects was created to provide a space to ideate and test out new, innovative designs beyond those featured in the core Rhone line. We wanted to push creative limits and explore cutting edge designs, materials, and techniques. With this inaugural collection, I drew a lot of inspiration from people and places in my life to create some sophisticated pieces made with high-quality materials and fabric technologies.

ONE37pm: Nanoprojects is going to be taking Rhone’s product development a little bit further. Can you go into what exactly that means a little bit more for our readers?

McClure: Product innovation is a top priority at Rhone, and Nanoprojects is a natural extension of Rhone’s DNA and design ethos. We’re constantly seeking advanced textile technologies, researching ways to evolve the fabrication processes, and thoughtfully designing each of their silhouettes. In order for us to continue to push the creative limits of what our brand/company means, we needed to develop this innovation lab to continue to grow and push our brand to new heights.

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Rhone Nano Projects / Courtesy of Rhone

ONE37pm: What makes Nanoprojects different from previous Rhone releases?

McClure: Nanoprojects is a passion project of mine, allowing me to explore and extend what our brand stands for and how we stand out. Nanoprojects pushes the Rhone brand as a whole to new limits. There’s a different source of inspiration with Nanoprojects but like all Rhone collections, each piece is thoughtfully made with high-quality materials. 

ONE37pm: The collection looks great! Is there anything else we can expect moving forward?

McClure: Nanoprojects was created as an unconstrained reality for the design team to function in. As such you will continue to see unexpected and very specific capsules that continue to demonstrate that Rhone is the leader in this category. While each collection going forward will have a different source of inspiration, consumers can still anticipate the same high-quality fabrics and innovative technology they’ve grown accustomed to with the Rhone collections. 

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Rhone Nano Projects / Courtesy of Rhone

ONE37pm: What does Rhone have planned for the remainder of 2021? Any hints or sneak peeks you can give us?

McClure: We have some really exciting launches coming over the next few months! While I can’t reveal everything, I can tell you that we know it’s products that our consumers will love. 

For more details on the Nanoproject release you can visit Rhone’s official website here.

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