Rip Hamilton Discusses eBay’s Hard to Find Gift Shop

We caught up with the Detroit legend to discuss the partnership

Rip Hamilton

The holiday season is right around the corner, and Detroit Legend Rip Hamilton is in the spirit of giving. With the perfect holiday gifts more out of reach than ever, eBay is hooking up shoppers with the season’s most sought after items through its Hard to Find Gift Shops, and on the heels of his partnership with eBay, Rip kicked off the action this past Friday in Detroit in what was the first of many different pop-ups.

ONE37pm: You’re an avid sneaker collector yourself. What is your approach to tracking down those rare/must have sneakers?

Rip: For me it’s always been about having great relationships. I have to give a lot of credit to Michael Jordan. He had so many different rare samples, and being able to play with him on the Washington Wizards really opened up a different world for me. Of course I go on eBay to find those rare sneakers I’m looking for as well!

ONE37pm: What’s been the most exciting part of working on this event?

Rip: The most important part has been working with all of these great people. Anytime you can do a partnership and the people you’re working with are down to earth, it’s fun. Seeing all of the shoes displayed was a cool experience. I'm just glad my kids weren’t here with me because then I would have really been spending crazy!

The Hard to Find shop will be open to the most resourceful customers, and a helpful location hint will be shared on eBay’s Twitter and Instagram channels the day before the shop opens, with the physical location being revealed 24 hours later.

Be sure to keep up with Rip on Instagram for more details.

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