How Samuel Krost Is Changing The Style Game

We talked with the creative mastermind about KROST's new partnership with FILA

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Samuel Krost

Samuel Krost is the creative mastermind and driving force behind KROST, a growing brand that has risen through the ranks to capture national attention. KROST is a simple yet straightforward brand that hones in gender-neutral styles while also emphasizing community and activism. The brand believes real and tangible change is created by standing together, supporting one another, and telling the stories of important causes through products and partnerships. Stylish athletic pieces primarily make up the KROST catalog, which has been a defining staple since its launch in 2018.

ONE37pm spoke to KROST about his career and this partnership earlier this week.

ONE37pm:  How did KROST start?

Krost: The story behind KROST was conceptualized after the mass shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018. I was inspired by the students. After enduring this terrible tragedy, they created March for Our Lives, an organization that is now one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the call for gun reform. The goal of KROST was to use apparel as a vehicle in creating real and tangible social change. 

ONE37pm: Tell me about the motto “Support Your Friends” and the brand’s charity initiative.

Krost: The meaning and goal behind our brand’s slogan, “Support Your Friends,” is to bring people together who share the same beliefs, ideas, and desire for social change. We believe this is enough to call you a friend. It’s our belief that real change can be achieved when we’re successful in bringing the masses together. 

The message of “Support Your Friends” is not only displayed throughout our clothes and partnerships, but it is the driving force that motivates each of our team members to pursue their personal mission. I believe that this differentiates KROST from other brands.

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ONE37pm: What’s your design process like?

Krost: KROST doesn't adhere to common trends that are popular amongst most apparel brands. Instead, we look at current events in the world as inspiration for our collections. We create apparel to try and help resolve some of the challenges that are most prevalent in society. The concept for each collection originates with a give-back element and is further developed into a comprehensive story based on that initial component.

ONE37pm: How did the FILA collab come about, and what was it like working with such a big brand?

Krost: In 2019, a FILA executive walked into one of our pop-up stores in Soho, NYC because he was attracted to the storefront’s window design and display aesthetic. After taking a look at the collection and trying it on first-hand, one of our sales associates told him more about the brand and our mission. He was really impressed and introduced himself to our team. That conversation quickly led us to a formal meeting about collaboration opportunities. 

With the Renno making its debut at the beginning of 2021, we were incredibly excited to be tapped for its first release. We're now fortunate to not only have a working relationship with FILA, but we have become extensions of each other's families too.

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Collaborating with such an iconic sportswear brand was an incredible milestone for KROST and a significant personal achievement for me, as I grew up seeing my grandfather wear the iconic FILA tracksuits everywhere he went. Partnering with a globally-recognized brand gives us the opportunity to spread our message to a wider audience and effectively empower the millions of Americans that do not have the privilege to play sports due to a lack of funding.

Our hope is to expand our impact through our collaboration with FILA, and our partnership with Good Sports which helps empower underprivileged kids to become athletes. 

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ONE37pm: What are you most excited about in 2022?

Krost: This year, we’re aiming to provide luxury products at a more accessible and affordable price point, which will allow us to reach a wider range of demographics. With this goal, we are working to scale our distribution and ultimately make a bigger difference in the world through our nonprofit partnerships. 

You can continue to keep up with KROST and FILA via Instagram.

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