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Schick Is Giving Guys on TikTok the Iconic 'Stache of the Summer

mustache tiktok mobile
Getty Images / Joseph Damian

If there's one fashion note you should take home from the influx of TikTok trends this summer, it's that the 'stache is back. Yes, the old-school, but still cool look took on a life of its own on our feeds these past few months—all thanks to one high-flying blockbuster. (Wink, wink.)

Regardless of where you're drawing your inspiration from, Schick has you covered when it comes to getting your 'stache up to par.

The Hydro® Face & Beard Groomer from Schick is TikTok creator Joseph Damian's go-to razor for nailing the perfect summer 'stache.

Not only does this 4-in-1 marvel have an electric razor on one side for beard trimming, the other side also sports a five-bladed razor with skin guards to get the closest—and most comfortable—of cuts. Plus, with the flip back trimmer feature, he can easily get in those hard-to-reach places to edge and shape the perfect 'stache.

Michael Rousell couldn't resist trying out the movie-famous 'stache for himself, which meant that his first order of business was to grab his Schick razor and get to work. He used the Schick Hydro to shape up the perfect mustache for the season.

The extra-smooth razor is dermatologist-tested with skin guards on all five blades for a close shave that protects your skin from irritation. And it boasts seven gel pools enriched with skin-benefiting ingredients to soothe and hydrate skin for maximum comfort. That's one smooth 'stache.

Jacob Mounce—whose TikTok account is aptly named "@stachetok_7"—trusts Schick with his very own facial hair, which he shows off alongside a trusty pair of aviators to pull together the entire look.

Ready to rock your summer 'stache? Get 20 percent off your Schick razor with the promo code STACHE22 until August 31, 2022.