The Top Sneaker Drops You Need to Know This Week

A look at this week’s most anticipated sneaker releases

nike air max 90 viotech mobile
Nike Inc.

We love sneakers. From the latest collaborations to retro kicks that bring you back to your first pair, we know that feeling when you open the box and inhale that brand-new smell. So we’re rounding up the best and most highly anticipated sneakers every week. Let’s get started.

nike air max 90 viotech 1
Nike Inc.

Nike Air Max 90 ‘Viotech’

Release date: August 29

Price: $140 

Not too long ago in the early 2000s, Nike released a very popular and exclusive Nike Dunk Low ‘Viotech’, a skateboarding shoe which became an instant classic and is held as one of the most coveted colorways to date. Nike released the shoe only in Japan. It was thought at the time that a shoe that vibrant wouldn’t sell in the US. This week, the iconic colorway reemerges and is added to the Nike Air Max 90, a running shoe. This vibrant combination of colors gets its name ‘Viotech’ from the purple hue that is incorporated in the silhouette.

nike air max 90 viotech 2
Nike Inc.
nike air max 90 viotech 3
Nike Inc.

Featuring premium suede material and the exact color palette as the original Nike Dunk released in Japan, this is going to be the first time that many stateside sneakerheads will get an opportunity to add a version of this cult-like colorway to their daily rotation. Releasing in a full size run—from toddler to adult sizing—this will definitely be a must-have for many.

nike air jordan i obsidian 1 2
Nike Inc.

Air Jordan 1 ‘Obsidian’

Release date: August 31

Price: $160

In celebration of Michael Jordan’s college career, Jordan Brand is paying tribute to his alma mater, the University of North Carolina. This Tar Heels colorway is inspired by Jordan’s 1982 championship-winning shot that put him at the center of college basketball glory. This isn’t the first time Jordan Brand has released a UNC colorway inspired theme, but this many be the best one to date.

nike air jordan i obsidian 2 0
Nike Inc.
nike air jordan i obsidian 3 1
Nike Inc.

Rolling weeks off the heels of an Eric Koston’s Air Jordan I Low 'UNC' colorway—a drop that many didn’t luck out on—it’s safe to say that this time around is a great opportunity to try, try again. 

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