The 12 Best Adidas Collaborations To Buy Now

Looking for a new pair of Adidas sneakers to try out? Here's a few

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Last week we covered some of the best Nike collaborations to drop in recent history, so that means now we have to do Adidas right? There is often an argument in the world of sports apparel about which brand is bigger or has more influence. Whatever your stance might be, you have to admit that the Adidas name holds a ton of weight as they currently have the bragging right for partnerships with Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Pharrell to name a few, plus a heavily loaded roster of great athletes representing them. Similar to the Nike article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Adidas collaborations out there, while also giving our favorite selections from each specific partnership. Sound good? Bet.

1. Yeezy x adidas

Yeezy 350
Yeezy x adidas / GOAT

This is an obvious one right? Like them or not, Yeezys have had a profound impact on the sneaker community since 2013. Now Ye wasn’t a total newbie to the sneaker collaboration game having previously worked with brands such as Nike and LVMH, and quickly proceeded to take things to the next level almost immediately upon signing his Adidas deal. Yeezys aren’t just sneakers, they are a part of the culture, and while it’s hard to say for sure what the best Yeezys of all time are, any variation of the 350s could have a solid case (we can’t count the ones he released with Nike even though those are technically Yeezys as well). We'll go with the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Mono Ice" as those are one of our favorites.

BUY NOW, $274

2. Pharrell x adidas

Screen Shot 2021 07 18 at 4.02.24 PM
Pharrell x adidas / Adidas

Since we’re on the topic of musicians we can jump right on over to Pharrell. Pharrell’s shoes are a reflection of who he has been as both an artist and producer—creative, innovative, and unique. Pharrell releases pretty frequently with Adidas as well, and has been with the brand since 2014. For Skateboard P's collab we’ll go with the HU NMD casual shoes. The bright orange color is an instant attention grabber, and one of our favorites in the Pharrell x Adidas collection.

BUY NOW, $220

3. BAPE x adidas

BAPE x adidas / GOAT

Who doesn’t love a good military-themed shoe? We rock with it heavy over here, and always appreciate when BAPE and Adidas link up. Maybe we are a tad bit biased since we own a pair of the “Camos” ourselves, but this definitely our favorite release so far from this partnership. The Superstars are already a vintage classic, but the added army/camouflage touch is the perfect chef’s kiss. Do you own a pair? Let us know what you think.

BUY NOW, $174

4. Dame Lillard x adidas

Dame Lillard x adidas / GOAT

Okay we’re going to take things up a notch and head over into some of the sports collaborations. Adidas is underrated in this department in our opinion, as some of their shoe releases with athletes don’t always command the attention they deserve. One of those collabs is Adidas’ partnership with Damian Lillard. Dame has a great lineup of sneakers that highlight not just who he is on the court as a fierce competitor, but also his musician side. Our selection is the Dame 7 LNY shoes, which have become one of Dame’s biggest sellers. The shoe was inspired by the Lunar New Year, and were specifically designed to represent Dame Time, which is a common phrase referring to his innate clutch ability.

BUY NOW, $145

5. Derrick Rose x adidas

Derrick Rose x adidas / GOAT

Derrick Rose is another one who’s collection has been vastly underrated. D. Rose has some killer shoes that you should definitely check out if you are looking for a new sneaker to add to your closet, and his releases are very similar to his overall persona as an athlete—quiet but lethal. There's plenty of shoes available to choose from in his collection with Adidas, and which sneaker you select is all about what you are feeling at the moment. Rose has a shoe for everyone, but we recommend the “Scarlet” sneakers from last year.

BUY NOW, $120

6. Run DMC x adidas

Run DMC x adidas / GOAT

You can’t leave out the historic hip-hop group that made “My Adidas.” You just can’t. This might be the most fitting collaboration to happen in the history of, well...ever, and the two dropped a commemorative 50th anniversary sneaker that paid homage to the legendary group, and their sneaker style (Run DMC was known for wearing shell-toe sneakers without laces). You can still find this special edition sneaker for a reasonable price on secondary outlets such as GOAT and StockX.

BUY NOW, $67

7. Alexander Wang x adidas

Adidas Super Skate
Alexander Wang x adidas / GOAT

It’s Alexander Wang. That in itself is enough of a statement, but in case you need a refresher, Alexander Wang and Adidas have come together on multiple occasions to drop a wide variety of sneakers ranging from standard trainers to skate shoes. It’s always nice when the worlds of high fashion and streetwear combine, and every sneaker from this partnership has been cutting edge while still staying true to their individual brand styles. We haven’t included a skate shoe yet, so we’ll suggest the Alexander Wang x Skate Super Super Core Black sneakers from 2018.

BUY NOW, $380

8. Beyonce x adidas

Ivy Park
Beyonce x adidas / GOAT

Beyonce only has three collections with Adidas (well four if you count this upcoming one on the 22nd), and all three have featured signature sneakers to go along with the apparel drops. The Ivy Park Forum Mid release from February sold out almost immediately, and actually inspired Adidas to release a separate all-white Forum mid about a week later to capitalize on its success. At the moment it’s still unclear if this new drop will include another round of sneakers (it’s supposed to be beach themed), so we’ll have to see.

BUY NOW, $95

9. Simpsons x adidas

Simpsons x adidas / GOAT

Anything with The Simpsons has us automatically sold. Adidas and The Simpsons have come together on quite a few occasions to release a range of cool colorways. There are plenty of options to choose from if you desire to pick up a pair from this collection. You could go with the Forum Low “Duff Beer” which is a bright red, black, and gold silhouette if you want a bold shoe, or you could opt for something a little more simple such as the “Advantage” Simpson classics. It’s really up to you.

BUY NOW, $169

10. Missoni x Adidas

Missoni x Adidas / GOAT

With a focus on blending Missoni’s style and aesthetic with Adidas’ performance sport apparel, the two have produced fast-selling collections that have included not just sneakers, but also athletic and casual wear. For some reason, the Ultraboost has been Missoni’s go to choice for their sneaker collaborations (with Pulseboost coming in second), and there’s plenty available on the secondary market for you to check out. We recommend the Missoni x Ultraboost Clime “Multicolor” as it is a total representation of Italian luxury style that we are used to from Missoni.

BUY NOW, $89

11. Bad Bunny x adidas

Easter Egg
Bad Bunny x adidas / GOAT

Bad Bunny’s partnership with the three stripe brand is literally still in its infant stages, with their first official release dropping this past March. It’s always hard to judge how successful a partnership is going to be early on, but all signs currently point to this being a longstanding deal with significant releases. The “Easter Egg” sneakers were pretty dope, and Bad Bunny has at least one more major drop scheduled for the remainder of 2021, so that will be something for Bad Bunny fans to anticipate in the coming months.

BUY NOW, $415

12. Prada x adidas

Prada x adidas / GOAT

You know what they say—Prada or nada, and apparently Adidas has the same mindset when it comes to their luxury collection. No luxury collaboration is complete without Prada, and Adidas has another slew of sneakers with the brand that just dropped yesterday. The A+P Luna Rossa 21 shoes are available in two brand new colorways, with the option of either black or grey. The shoe itself consists of a PRIMEGREEN upper, a Boost midsole, and a wrap-around outsole providing style and comfort. If you aren’t able to grab a pair, then consider checking out some of their previous drops as they are equally as stunning.

BUY NOW, $450

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