5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend

We've got a different vibe this week


Hey sneaker family! Checking back in because as usual we’ve got another five selection of sneakers that are dropping this weekend for you to have on your radar, and I’m liking the mix this week. We’ve got quite a bit to look forward to, and it’s a variety compared to previous weeks. I’m interested to see what everyone is feeling like from a sneaker standpoint. We’re that weird space where it’s still summertime, but we’re also not that far away from fall. I’m in Atlanta, and the kids are due back to start school in just a couple of weeks, so there’s been tons of back-to-school shopping around here.

We’ve also seen a rise in people returning to the office, but there is still a lot being done virtually (both with work and school). I’m personally leaning more towards fall sneakers at this point, and will have a fall shoe list out soon.

On a different note, I will also be in New York for a few days, and I’m thinking about going to KITH and documenting my experience since it will be my first time visiting the store. Let me know if this is something you guys would like to see! Okay, let’s get to the sneakers.

1. Off-White x Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% White Solar Red

Off White
Off-White x Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% White Solar Red / GOAT

Release Date: 7/23

Off-White is back at again with three different pairs of Nike Air Zoom Tempos that are set to drop tomorrow. All of them are dope in my opinion, but the White Solar Red shoes are my favorite of the three. It’s just something about the white and red blend that catches my eye, and I think it is a great neutral sneaker for those that may not want the other variations due to their bold colors. Plus, it can go with a lot in your closet. I’m typically a “lace swap” sneakerhead, but I wouldn’t even change the laces on this one. It’s perfect as is. If you can’t already tell, I love this shoe.

BUY NOW, 546

2. Nike KD 14 Multicolor

KD Multicolor
Nike KD 14 Multicolor / GOAT

Release Date: 7/24

The newly announced 2K cover athlete is back with another round of 14s called the “Multicolor.” I’m feeling the vibrant mid-summer tones, and I like the red, white, and blue. I actually don’t own a pair of KDs and I’m looking to change that this year. I might actually end up going with these because I think this can be a good transitional shoe as we round the final stretch of summer and go into fall. What do you guys think? 

BUY NOW, $350

3. Air Jordan 12 “Twist”

Air Jordan 12 Twist
Air Jordan 12 “Twist” / GOAT

Release Date: 7/24

Okay you know I normally give a warning for sneakers that I think are best suited for actual sneakerheads as opposed to casual sneaker wearers, but this is going to be the opposite. Yes I know 12s can be considered a collectors item in certain cases so to speak, but these work for “casuals.” It’s very simple, can go with a lot in your wardrobe like the KDs above, and could be a great back to school sneaker if your kid is beyond elementary and maybe even the early years of middle school. I say this because white sneakers and grade school children are a recipe for disaster. If you or your kid is past the age let’s just say 12, then by all means go for it. This could also be a good campus shoe as well.

BUY NOW, $264

4. Reebok Question Low Phillies

Reebok Question Low Phillies
Reebok Question Low Phillies / GOAT

Release Date: 7/23

Speaking of back to school sneakers, few do it better than Reeboks. I know I was a “Reebok” kid, and I honestly think that 80 percent of my school sneakers were some form of the “Questions.” Seriously. Reebok has been bringing the heat with their “Question” releases this year, and the “Low Phillies” are next in line. We’ve got the digital next level visual blue, with the burgundy and white that's inspired by the retro Philadelphia Phillies design, and it’s sick. I’m rocking with these for sure.

BUY NOW, $182

Okay, I’m going to try something different with this article. I want to transition into including apparel features in some of my articles, and I have a fun one.

TB12 x Under Armour Sleepwear Collection

TB12 x Under Armour Sleepwear Collection / Under Armour

Release Date: Out Now

Alright for this final entry I’m switching it up a bit to include some apparel that I think is pretty awesome. The GOAT Tom Brady and Under Armour are releasing their new sleepwear collection. Designed to help you recover while you sleep, the apparel is embedded with infused knit fabric that returns infrared energy and minerals to your body and restores muscles faster. The soft, lightweight material delivers superior comfort and breathability to help you settle into bed and get the quality sleep you need, and the apparel has mineral-infused fabric that increases localized blood flow to your muscles and tissues so they can rebuild and recover all while you sleep. This sleepwear is for both men and women and offers a lot of options, so make sure you check it out!


That’s going to do it for this week! As usual, we'll be back next week with another roundup, so stay tuned.

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