The Top Sneaker Drops You Need to Know This Week

A look at this week’s most anticipated sneaker releases

CPFM Nike Vapormax Mobile
Nike Inc.

We love sneakers. From the latest collaborations to retro kicks that bring you back to your first pair, we know that feeling when you open the box and inhale that brand-new smell. So we’re rounding up the best and most highly anticipated sneakers every week. Let’s get started.

CPFM Nike Vapormax
Nike Inc.

Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike VaporMax 2019

Release Date: May 14

Price: $250

This is the first collaboration between Cactus Plant Flea Market, or CPFM, and Nike, which will usher in future releases from the contemporary streetwear brand. This Vapormax silhouette has been spotted recently on Frank Ocean, Travis Scott and Chase B.

CPFM Nike Vapormax4
Nike Inc.

CPFM Nike Vapormax2
Nike Inc.

CPFM has introduced 3-D puff lettering, stitched taping, mismatched coloring and a wobbly swoosh (formed with garden wiring), making for a handmade feel. Not to mention, the iconic Nike slogan, “Just Do It,” is created with the letter O as a bright-yellow, four-eyed smiley face. This one is a shoe-in for sneaker of the year.

Fear of God Nike Air Raid
Nike Inc.

Nike Air Fear of God Raid (Black)

Release Date: May 17

Price: $190

Jerry Lorenzo and Nike continue their collaborative project with the release of the second colorway of the Air Fear of God Raid. The Nike Air Fear of God Raid takes elements and strong design inspiration from the original 1993 Air Raid outdoor basketball shoe.  

Nike Air Fear Of God Raid 3
Nike Inc.

Nike Air Fear of God Raid2
Nike Inc.

In an interview with Nike, Lorenzo spoke about seeing the Air Raid for the first time in high school. “When the kid walked in the classroom with the Air Raid, no one told me that I was supposed to like the Air Raid. I was just drawn to it, the design, the colors. It was like, oh my God, what is that?” Lorenzo recalled. This elevated and luxe sneaker is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Converse Allstar Pro BB
Nike Inc.

Converse All Star Pro BB

Release Date: May 18

Price: $140

Converse is officially returning to basketball. This collaboration uses Converse design and Nike performance innovation. It is a seamless blend of the iconic basketball silhouette (the Chuck Taylor All Star), with minimal construction and maximum benefits.  

Converse Allstar Pro BB 2
Nike Inc.

Converse Allstar Pro BB 4
Nike Inc.

With many more colorways and rumored exclusive collaborations on the way, be sure to try out the All Star Pro BB.



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