Replicate These 12 Men’s Street-Style Looks from Pitti Uomo ASAP

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The epicenter of classic menswear as seen through a modern lens—where gallant men strut in finely tailored suits, smartly tapered trousers and expert shirting—is Pitti Uomo, the twice-yearly menswear trade show in Florence, Italy, that stands alone in its fashion impact on men’s street style. Sure, we also have Paris, Milan, London and New York, but Pitti holds a uniquely concrete title.

Pitti’s summer outing this month maintains the show’s death grip on its men’s fashion crown. There’s a seamless cool to the style in Florence— what the Italians would label sprezzatura, or “studied carelessness.” The best-dressed men in Italy always seem as though they’re not trying very hard, if at all. They are putting forth the effort, it’s just encoded in unmistakably great clothes.

Here, we’ve pooled some of our favorite scenes from last week’s 2019 Pitti Uomo. These looks act as a manifesto for how to dress in varied tailoring, in thematic hues and with a calculated ease that’s still succinctly flex-forward. Take a look.

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Bomber Jackets Over Suits

Summer layering at Pitti is quite possibly our favorite look to replicate. Much of it is a bit oversized, yet with unique tailoring that reiterates the idea that Florence fashion is a cut above the rest.

pitti style 2
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Safari-Inspired Accents

We’re not sure if this guy is attending a menswear show or if he’s a private eye tailing a subject. Either way, he’s dressed exceptionally well for both.

pitti style 3
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Silk Scarf Neckties

The silk scarf necktie began—and is done best—on European soil. Here, it’s elevated with a textured houndstooth blazer and stone-washed black denim.

pitti style 4
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Bold Suiting

This is peak summer tailoring. Also, notice the abundance of green and yellow. Work the former into your summer wardrobe as much as possible. Add in the latter where you can.

pitti style 5
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Texture Play

Big hair. Big bag. Big stripes. This guy gets it.

pitti style 6
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School Pride

It’s not easy to marry two-tone shirting, a presidential blazer, a lightweight varsity jacket and pleated white trousers. Yet somehow this gent makes it appear like the easiest thing in the world.

pitti style 7
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Fine Suiting with Tassel Loafers

There’s never a changing of the proverbial guard at Pitti. The elder stable of dandies will always be present and held in high esteem. They simply do it best.

pitti style 8
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Updated Americana

Bespoke tailoring demonstrates authenticity and imagination. This military-green jacket with its patriotic patch speaks to traditional Americana, while a very on-trend neon green belt ripens the street-style mentality.

pitti style 9
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White Suiting

White suiting is scary for many reasons. It requires an extremely high level of confidence and disregard. This is how you balance both.

pitti style 10
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Matching Accessories

Get yourself a good textured T-shirt for summer. And don’t be afraid to tie a bandana around your neck as an effective and inexpensive accessory upgrade.

pitti style 11
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Effortless Linen

Remember that concept of studied carelessness we mentioned earlier? Et voilà.

pitti style 12
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Paper-Bag Waist

A lesson in relaxed, easy-going tailoring. Take note.

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