Summer Starter Pack 2021: Everything You Need for Your Summer Aesthetic

From speakers to swim trunks, here's what you need to ring in the summer right.

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The trends we millennials continue to introduce to the social media world are truly mind-boggling. From the ice-bucket challenge to hilarious memes and more, I have found myself struggling to fight off the urge to join in on the fun. So here I am, diving right into the one and only ‘Starter Pack’ trend that we have seen come and go in waves.

Summer is upon us, so there is no better time to introduce you to the Summer Starter pack. Disclaimer: You may not agree with all of my choices here, but let’s remember why we call it a ‘starter pack'—it’s not complete.

Summer Starter Pack:

Classic Baseball Cap

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As much as we love to get out tan on, it can’t hurt to block out the UV rays and protect our precious faces. What we have here is the Classic Nike Baseball Cap that is both trendsetting and protecting. This cap has gained popularity due to its generic look and variety of colors available to purchase.

buy now at nike, $22

Club Master Classic Sunglasses

summer starter pack 0002 Screen Shot 2021 06 17 at 1.15.40 PM

Whether you are blocking out the sun or the haters, these sunglasses are conducive to most wardrobes. If you're not rocking the Ray-Ban Club Master Classics, then maybe the Aviator Ray-Bans that hit the shelves in the 80s and have been selling in masses ever since are more your speed.

buy now at ray ban, $161+

Button Down Shirt or Basic Tee

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Calvin Klein

If you are in search of a classic white or black t-shirt suitable for the summer heat, Calvin Klein is the brand for you. The Cotton Classic Big + Tall 3 Pack T-Shirt is 100% cotton and is sold in a pack, making the price and brand worthwhile. The T-shirt comes in different styles as well if you are looking for a specific look.

buy now at calvin klein, $27+

Swim Trunks

summer starter pack 0005 B6W214N1NS ELT 1 1200x
Psycho Bunny

The second summertime hits, it is essential to own a pair or two of great swim trunks. These Psycho Bunny swim trunks run a tad bit on the pricey side due to the streetwear niche, prime quality, and name brand. Although they are not as cost-conscious, we have found that the mesh lining and pattern options call for them to be at the top of our list in the bathing suit department. But if you're looking for something a bit more modest price-wise, Uniqlo has some great minimalist offerings.

buy now at psycho bunny, $95


Adilette Slides Black 280647 01 standard

Sandals, slides, waterproof boat shoes, you name it. Any and all of these are more than substantial for most of your summer activities. To stay with the trends, we are going with the slide look. These are one of the most popular slides of today, the Adidas Adilette Slides. They are comfortable, affordable, and designed as the ideal poolside slide. 

buy now at adidas, $45


summer starter pack 0006 roll top closure dry bag waterproof backpack sack black mier 28316217147526
Mier Sports

As all these items accumulate, there is nothing more necessary than having the proper backpack to store your essentials. The Mier Roll-Top Closure Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack Sack is a worthwhile investment to make as it keeps all your goodies safe and organized in one place. This bag is well-equipped for all outdoor activities that you might indulge in this summer.  

buy now at mier sports, $69.99

Portable Speaker

summer starter pack 0000 Screen Shot 2021 06 17 at 1.28.24 PM
Ultimate Ears

No matter the destination, there is one item that can make or break all of your experiences combined. A portable speaker will take your activity to the absolute next level. Being able to blast some great tunes in the back is a game-changing token. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is an excellent option due to its durability, waterproof capabilities, and 13 hours of sound. 

buy now at ultimate ears, $99.99+

Yeti Cup

summer starter pack 0001 Screen Shot 2021 06 17 at 1.27.06 PM

As the high temperatures of the season strike, your body tends to be more dehydrated, especially when you are hyperactive. That said, it is beneficial to drink at least half a gallon of water a day. While you could drink out of a plastic water bottle, there are its downfalls. On top of the environmental footprint, water bottles don't stay cold if not refrigerated. A solution to the problem is purchasing a Yeti Cup—a double-wall vacuum insulated cup that keeps your water ice-cold for extended periods. Or if you're feeling a little cheeky, feel free to fill it with your non-water beverage of choice.

buy now at yeti, $29.99

This is by no means a complete list of everything you'll need for the summer, but with these 8 items you should be feeling ready to hit the pool, beach or even just head to a park to toss a frisbee with some friends. Summer 2021 is here; you better get ready.

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