The 12 Best Gifts to Buy Your Significant Other This Holiday Season

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It's time to start thinking about potential gifts to get your significant other. The holiday season is right around the corner, and a lot of stores are offering various different deals and discounts, so you definitely won’t want to wait until the last minute to go shopping this year. To get you started, here is a list of the best gifts to buy your significant other this holiday season.

1. Dainty Custom Name Ring

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Etsy / GracePersonalized

Most of us tend to like jewelry in some form, so a customized name ring might make a good holiday gift this season. While it is a ‘name ring,’ you don’t actually have to use a name, you can have the ring designed for any word that best represents your significant other (such as brave or strong for example). You can also have the name/word customized in lowercase or uppercase letters if you wish.

Buy Now at Etsy, $28.70+

2. Nike Tech Fleece Taped Jogger Pants

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Finish Line

In the era of working from home, comfortable clothing is more necessary than ever. But you can’t always just lounge around in your PJs, so it’s great to stock your wardrobe with items you can wear out of the house but still feel great in at home. These sweats from Nike fit the bill. They’re somehow both lightweight and supremely warm, making them an amazing lounge-around pair of pants. Simultaneously, they’re super fly and come in a wide range of colors. These would make a great gift for anyone who likes versatile clothing options, giving you the freedom to keep your wardrobe small.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $110

3. Minute Egg Maker

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Uncommon Goods

Let’s face it. Eggs can be a tricky thing to make sometimes, and just because you get them perfect one day doesn’t mean they will be perfect the next. The Minute Egg Maker solves that problem for those that like scrambled eggs. All you have to do is put your eggs in the ceramic croc (which is specifically made for cooking eggs), put in the microwave, and you’re done. The croc also comes with a vented lid that helps decrease messes.

Buy Now at Uncommon Goods, $30

4. Ourcan Massage Gun

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With so many of us working from home nowadays, a massage gun would be a perfect gift for your partner to relax after a long day. The massage gun is designed to loosen your muscles, and can also be used both before and after workouts.

Buy Now at Amazon, $99.90

5. SpaFinder Gift Card

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Spa Finder

Let’s face it, after 2020 we are all going to need a Spa Day. A great gift for your significant other would be a spa appointment and/or a spa Gift card. While the specific appointment would depend on the location, SpaFinder offers the ability to purchase a gift card that can be used at thousands of different spa locations. This gift card will definitely make a great gift once the pandemic improves.

Buy Now at Spa Finder

6. Personalized Wine Chiller

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Personalization Mall

It’s always nice to look forward to a glass of wine. While many reds are served room temp, it definitely doesn't hurt to have a wine chiller for the bottles you want to keep cool. The Personalized Wine Chiller can be customized to have any name/monogram on it, and keeps the wine cooled at a consistent temperature. 

Buy Now at Personalization Mall, $67.49

7. Astrological Candles

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Uncommon Goods

There is nothing quite like a home that smells good. So a great gift this holiday season would definitely be the Astrological Candles. With a candle for each zodiac sign and a designated scent for every one, the candle/candles will be a nice addition to your significant other's collection (and you could even get one for yourself to match).

Buy Now at Uncommon Goods, $28

8. Nike Air Max 97 Casual Shoes

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Finish Line

Regardless of whether or not your partner is a sneaker-head, this entry from Nike makes a great gift choice. Although the signature check and the bells and whistles will make these shoes stand out for the sneaker aficionados, it’s also just a supremely comfortable pair of sneakers, perfect for lounging around the house or taking to the pavement.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $170

9. Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream

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Listen, we know the price tag is daunting. But when it comes to face moisturizers, there’s all the other brands, and then there’s Aesop. The Australian skin, hair and body care brand is truly one of the best around. Especially as the cold weather starts to encourage dry skin, consider buying your significant other a little something to soothe the season’s maladies.

Buy Now at Aesop, $50

10. Men’s Nike Sportswear Flex Appeal Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

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When the cold weather hits, there’s nothing quite like a good long sleeve tee. Perfect for layering, this model from Nike strikes a balance between flash and minimalism; you can let the logo stand out or use the shirt as a base for a wide range of layering opportunities. A versatile tee like this makes a great gift for anyone, but we think it can really be an extra special gift for the extra special someone in your life.

Buy Now at Finish Line, $35

11. Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS4

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If your significant other is a gamer, odds are you’ve heard plenty about the long-awaited PS5 release earlier this month. Spider-Man: Miles Morales was arguably the most hyped game that released alongside the console. Whether or not you were able to get your hands on a PS5 (most of us were unfortunately left empty-handed), you can still buy the game for your previous generation console. Fans of the first 2018 entry to the game series, Spider-Man, and comic book-aficionados alike will be clamoring for this game, so add it to the list of things to buy for the gamer in your life.

Buy Now at PlayStation, $49.99

12. Money Tree Plant

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The Sill

People can be easily overwhelmed by the responsibility of house plants, but the Money Plant is unbelievably easy to maintain and beautiful to boot. The tiny tree is believed to bring good luck, and it certainly adds a flair of natural beauty to any living space. In this day and age, you don’t even have to go to the store; you can get a gorgeous plant delivered safely right to your door.

Buy Now at The Sill, $48