Ugly Dad Sandals Are the New Ugly Dad Sneakers

And here are 13 for spring

I hold a tiny sense of pride that I still, somehow, haven’t caved and purchased ugly dad sneakers.

You know the ones I mean: chunky-soled, massive sneakers reminiscent of a bygone decade that make you a few inches taller and look great on an Instagram feed.

Luckily—for you and for me—trends are fleeting, and we’re on to the next iteration: the dad sandal. A remix of last season’s dad sneaker, the dad sandal is a Teva-like Jesus sandal with a similarly chunky sole.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon, here are 13 options for your spring (and summer) wardrobe. And maybe—just maybe—I’ll hit “purchase” on the black Birkenstocks sitting in my cart.

memphisito sandal
Saks Fifth Avenue

Mephisto Shark Leather Walking Sandals

The push-button closure on these shark leather sandals is the ultimate dad-approved functionality. Remember Nickelodeon’s classic TV show Rocket Power? “Shoobies!”

Buy Now, $295

gucci sandal
Saks Fifth Avenue

Gucci Tinsel Utility Sandals

These Gucci sandals are so over the top and yet, somehow, just right. Reminiscent of dads going white-water rafting.

Buy Now, $890

black leather sandal
Saks Fifth Avenue

Grenson Wiley Leather Sandals

A shockingly minimal dad sandal option, this Grenson version feels Herculean. Did Herc ever have a kid?

Buy Now, $210

teva hurricane xlt2 alp sandal
Moose Jaw

Teva Hurricane XLT2 ALP Sandal

The water-ready style that launched a thousand ships…or dad sandals. The OG Teva is so basic and un-ironic that it’s actually complicated and intentional. Influencer Luda Weigand, or @luda_, rocks this classic gray and orange style over socks. Ya dig?

Buy Now, $120

flower mountain sandal

Flower Mountain Nazca Sandal Sneakers

Whoa, whoa, whoa. The triple-sole combo of these Flower Mountain sandals is kind of major. Cork stacked on rubber stacked on a lug makes for a high-fashion shoe. And that toggle closure? Ultimate dad.

Buy Now, $174

birkenstock sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Leather Slide Sandals

Did Birkenstocks invent the dad sandal trend or did the dad sandal trend resurrect Birkenstocks? That is the question.

Buy Now, $160

guiseppe zanotti sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Sandals

So. Much. Happening. Here. This is a dad shoe all-you-can-eat buffet. The straight-up backpack buckle closure, the extraneous zipper, the splashes of color and the uncountable number of straps equal “dad but make it chic.”

Buy Now, $875

prada sandal
Matches Fashion

Prada Clip Sandals

Hey. Meet Prada’s version of Tevas. If labels are important to you, cop these Prada-approved dad sandals. If labels aren’t important to you, just buy Tevas.

Buy Now, $540

sucote sandal coral
Matches Fashion

Suicoke CHIN2-Cab Velcro Sandals

Maybe it’s the innovative color additions or maybe it’s the curvy use of D-rings, but I actually love these sandals. The coral and navy feel fresh and totally un-dad.

Buy Now, $125

marni sandal
Matches Fashion

Marni Color-Block Leather Sandals

Marni never lets me down. This simple, double-strapped sandal with ochre ankle details is made in Italy and that makes it nice...right?

Buy Now, $490

rick owens sandal
Matches Fashion

Rick Owens Tractor Leather Sandals

I understand that this sandal is, by far, the most expensive recommendation on the list, but you have to agree that it’s also the most innovative. We leap eons out of the dad zone with a translucent rubber tread sole and extra-long buckle straps. Into it.

Buy Now, $1,376

dr martens sandal

Dr. Martens Sandals

Are you a purist? These no-appliqué Dr. Martens might be the choice for you. The heel tab really pops.

Buy Now, $218

camper sandal

Camper Sandals

Hey, friends. I saved the best for last. This Camper sandal is the perfect price, the perfect style and the perfect low-commitment way to enter the dad sandal trend.

Are you in?

Buy Now, $139
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