9 Ways to Up Your Bathroom Shelf Game

With these few quick swaps, you can create a toiletry Taj Mahal

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Nothing is more embarrassing than a grimy bathroom shelf. Seriously, name a greater horror than a cabinet brimming with beard hair clippings, half-used toothpaste tubes and crusty Listerine bottles. Tidying up is one way to get to a baseline for a seamless daily routine, but how do you then furnish your bathroom shelf for minimal-effort mornings?

Fortunately, it is legitimately our job to elevate your grooming ground zero. Consider this article a plea from people everywhere: We want you to succeed! We want you to take care of yourself! And so we want your bathroom to be clean, tidy, minimal and well-tended.

With these few quick swaps, you can create a toiletry paradise. I promise these are easy hacks and take little effort, but achieve Ritz-quality results.

marvis toothpaste
$14 / Amazon

Marvis Toothpaste

Have you ever in your whole life seen a more perfect tube of toothpaste? I know the answer—no, you have not. Simply swap your drugstore option for this Barney’s approved one. Instant upgrade and your pearly whites will thank you.

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$38 / Amazon

Lebon Mouthwash

You know how we mentioned crusty Listerine? We’re super glad you use it, but not happy about it being displayed like a coveted trophy. Opt for Lebon’s Making Waves organic version instead. It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle that is welcome on your newly improved shelf.

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quip toothbrush
$25 / Amazon

Quip Toothbrush

If you’re using your dentist freebie to brush your chompers, please treat yo self. Quip has perfected the toothbrush: Sleek-metal handle, minimal branding and small holder that mounts to your wall or mirror. And, every three months they’ll send you a new brush head for $5. I haven’t been this excited to brush my teeth since… ever.

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amber bottes
$12 for 4 / Amazon

Amber Bottles

The best hack I’ve ever implemented in my bathroom is, by far, these amber bottles. When you decant your shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body wash, your shower becomes a luxury spa. I’m not kidding. I like to use this larger size on the sink for hand soap and hand lotion, replicating the (very) expensive Aesop Resurrection Duet Hand Wash And Balm. Bonus points if you attach these vinyl letters to spell out the contents. Buh-bye annoying, text-laden labels.

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$50 / Lesse Official

Lesse Skincare

It’s not often that I’m impressed with a new skincare line’s entire collection. Lesse, whose motto is "Lesse is more," has achieved that. I understand that you want uncomplicated steps to better skin, and founder and Sydney-native Neada Deters intuitively taps into that desire. With a concise line of three products (a skin-changing serum-oil hybrid, a charcoal face mask that smears like a gel and an exfoliating cleanser that nourishes like Greek yogurt), the minimal routine is unfussy. And it looks so good on your shelf.

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$12 / Amazon

Meyer’s Cleaning Supplies Set

To keep your commode sparkling, employ Meyer’s cleaning supplies in a coordinated set. This lavender scent is heavenly, naturally derived and looks neat when stored. It’s really all about that Marie Kondo life. Do your cleaning supplies spark joy? If not… Thank u, next.

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fluffy towels
$37 for 4 / Amazon

Fluffy White Towels

White towels scream cleanliness because your dirt and grime have nowhere to hide. Toss those brightly-colored versions for this convenient 4-pack on Amazon. Nothing feels more luxe than a white, fluffy towel.

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room spray
$24 / Sunday Forever

Room Spray

Sunday Forever, founded by dream girl Ashli Stockton, created the perfect room spray, and it 100 percent deserves a spot on your bathroom shelf. I can’t explain the smell—it’s almost like a non-scent—but the experience is so luxe. Gone are the days of Glade.

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dyson hair dryer
$400 / Amazon

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

It’s pricey, but how sleek is the Dyson hair dryer? The white color is perfection. With this dangling from your bathroom shelf, you’ll look like a total baller (and will have great hair). This will forever remain on our wishlist. 

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