5 Weekend Sneakers To Watch Out For

Aye! We've got some cool drops this week


I would consider this another relatively quiet week, but they are still anticipated weekend drops to look forward to. We’ve got some new Jordan 11s on the way, plus a Supreme and Nike Collab that I think is pretty friggin sick. Also, Babe and Adidas are teaming up once again, so that should be pretty cool too. Lately, I’ve been on a ‘retro’ kick and more focused on finding older sneaker gems, so I’ll probably be sitting these next few weeks out (unless it’s something major)—but of course, I will still be doing my weekly updates. So let’s get into it.

1. Supreme X Nike Air Max 96 Metallic Silver

CV7652 SILVER.png
Supreme X Nike Air Max 96 Metallic Silver / GOAT

Release: 5/7

It was hard choosing between these and the regular black, but I opted for the former because I’m sucker for anything metallic. Futuristic sneakers are one of the coolest things on the planet to me, and the silver and red mixes are dope. The black is cool too, but the silver just stands out more in my opinion.

BUY NOW, $250

2. BAPE X Adidas Green Camo


Release: 5/7

Whenever Bape and Adidas collabs it’s *chef’s kiss.* I’m feeling the military camouflage, and the neutral tan is enough to still make the shoe versatile. You can pair these with a camouflage outfit if you want to keep the theme going, or you can keep it simple with jeans, pants, shorts, etc. It’s up to you!

BUY NOW, $194

3. Adidas Yeezy 500 Enflame

Adidas Yeezy 500 Enflame / GOAT

Release: 5/08

Let me first start by saying that with all due respect, I don’t like these one bit. I know the Yeezy lovers may disagree, but I’m just not feeling the color combo at all. That said, Yeezys are gonna Yeezy, and there are plenty of people who are going to snatch these up within seconds. Are y’all feeling this iteration of the 500s? Let me know!

BUY NOW, $315

4. Air Jordan 7 ‘Flint’

air flint
Air Jordan 7 ‘Flint’ / GOAT

Release: 5/8

The Flint is coming back y’all! Almost fifteen years after its original release, these bad boys are returning, and I fully expect chaos to ensue Saturday morning. Whenever I don’t participate in drops, I love to scour Twitter to see who hit, and I will be doing the same thing tomorrow. The new ‘Flints’ have all the same features as the original—it’s just slightly more modernized.

BUY NOW, $230

5. Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue

jordan 11
Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue / GOAT

Release: 5/7

Cold. Ice Cold. The ‘Low Legends’ are not to be played with. That pure white with the soft baby blue is another example of a sneaker that is simple, but still attention grabbing. There is so much you can do with this shoe—you could pair it with joggers, or wear with jeans. You could even rock them with a nice pant suit since it’s a low top. The options are limited, and you could really create tons of looks if desired. 

BUY NOW, $239

Well that's gonna do it for the next week. Per usual I will be back next week with some roundups, but in the meantime be sure to keep up with me on Twitter and IG!

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