The Top Sneaker Drops You Need to Know This Week

A look at this week’s most anticipated sneaker releases

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Nike Inc.

We love sneakers. From the latest collaborations to retro kicks that bring you back to your first pair, we know that feeling when you open the box and inhale that brand-new smell. So we’re rounding up the best and most highly anticipated sneakers every week. Let’s get started.

spongebob square pants nike kyrie 1
Nike Inc.

SpongeBob SquarePants x Nike Kyrie Capsule

Release date: August 10

Price: $110-$130

Having made a splash recently on social media, the cartoons of Bikini Bottom have been introduced and reimagined by Nike. It’s no surprise that NBA superstar Kyrie Irving is a huge fan of the hit Nickelodeon cartoon, and has somehow managed to be the first athlete to pay homage to the humorous show by having his signature silhouette transformed into the beloved characters.

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Nike Inc.
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Nike Inc.
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Nike Inc.
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Nike Inc.

SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs and Sandy Cheeks each have their likeness represented on each sneaker silhouette, and each Bikini Bottom resident is easily identifiable within each colorway. Fans of the show and of Kyrie should be sure to have this marked on their list, as it will be available in a full size run, from kids’ sizes through adults.

nike sb air jordan 1 low unc 1
Nike Inc.

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low “UNC”

Release date: August 12

Price: $110

American professional skateboarder Eric Koston—the mastermind behind the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low “University of North Carolina”—has done it yet again. Drawing from a nostalgic moment in his childhood, Koston remembered how skaters never dressed head to toe in skatewear brands, but instead wore specific items to emulate the heroes of that time. Michael Jordan was one of those said heroes and at that time, Nike had just signed their biggest professional athlete without knowing how big he would become. Back then, Nike Air Jordan 1s Hi “UNC” made it to sale racks and clearance alleys. Koston remembered that for just the low price of $24.99, he could have a piece of history.

nike sb air jordan 1 low unc 2
Nike Inc.
nike sb air jordan 1 low unc 3
Nike Inc.

Koston never got the opportunity to actually get the shoe as a kid, as his mother wasn’t having it. But the memory of that moment haunted him enough that decades later, he has now reimagined the Air Jordan “UNC” as a low-top adding it to the Nike SB (skateboarding) family. And as a small reminder of his childhood dreams, there is a label with “$24.99” on the inside of the shoe’s tongue. Talk about attention to detail.

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