What Are Guys Wearing in Hudson Yards?

A neighborhood style series

When quality wine is grown, the composition of the land that surrounds the vines is equally as important as the vine itself. Terroir, from the French word terre meaning land, describes the environmental factors that affect a crop's character. 

Much like a vine, people are vastly affected by the places they've been and the ground that raised them. But Hudson Yards, Manhattan's latest real estate development that houses a shawarma-looking sculpture that tourists can climb called The Vessel, is an anomaly. No one was raised here.

The headlines describing this metropolis range from, "There's No Good Reason for a New Yorker to Go to Hudson Yards" to "Hudson Yards: A City Within a City." If you wander the vast marble-lined halls or sip a coffee on the uninviting ledges surrounding the West Side's centerpiece (The Vessel), you will undoubtedly begin to wonder who the heck these people are. 

So we investigated. Meet five random civilians who made us—Sarah Jacobs, ONE37pm’s photo editor, and me, Madison Russell, your resident style editor—curious enough to ask why they were in Hudson Yards. At times, we sprinted behind people to no avail, and at times, the perfect subjects fell into our path. 

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Jean-François Allard is from the east coast of Canada (at least, this is what he told us despite the fact that Googling his name unearths a French soldier born in 1785). We found him clutching a nice camera and photographing The Vessel in a way that we assume would be poetic and artistic. Allard is a 26-year-old recent graduate of architecture school. Here are his thoughts on style. 

On why he’s in Hudson Yards: “I’m here with my girlfriend, who is over there,” he says, gesturing to a young woman with light brown hair and a warm smile. “We’re shooting some architectural work in the city.”

On his favorite kind of outfits: “Basics. Sporty. A bit of hip-hop. Ill-fitting clothes, like too big or too high.”

On his pants: “These pants are from Muji, but I bought them in a size extra-large so they’d be too big and too high-waisted. Even though I have a big butt, they fit nicely,” he jests. 

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Trenton Parrott is a 21-year-old model and musician. After further investigation, he has an active Instagram account and SoundCloud page under the moniker Psycho T. Basically, we found a true gem wandering the outskirts of The Vessel. Was he trying to get a good Instagram picture? We (flag him down) investigate. 

On why he’s at Hudson Yards: “My girlfriend and I are just visiting this… I forgot what it’s called,” he says, pointing to the large copper structure that closely resembles a trash can. “The Vessel?” I offer. “Yeah, yeah,” he says. “The Vessel.”

On where he likes to shop: “I like to shop in Japan. But really, I wear a lot of my homies’ clothes,” he says. “My friends make clothes. Everything I’m wearing, my homies have made—except for my shoes.”

On his favorite outfit to wear: “Probably something relaxed. I know I’m not relaxed right now,” he laughs. “Something flashy but relaxed. I love this belt the most.”

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Nemo Stefanovic is a brand ambassador for Related Hudson Yards, a company that builds iconic neighborhoods from the ground up—just like that of our office complex. You can tell he's nice immediately. Here's a bit about him. 

On why he’s in Hudson Yards: “’Cause I love it here.”

On his job description: “I’m here to help anyone with their experience at The Vessel. I answer any questions and escort them to where they need to go. I try to make people smile and brighten their day.” 

On where he likes to shop: “I like mostly thrift shops. I like getting shoe deals at Nordstrom Rack,” he proudly confesses. I immediately agree, pointing to my own footwear purchased at the same. “I buy my underwear at Burlington Coat Factory,” he says a little too straightforward for someone we’d met one minute and seven seconds prior. 

On his favorite outfit to wear: “Aloha shirts and jeans.” We’re waiting to see that fit, Nemo.

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Visiting the city for one single day, these matchy-matchy love birds are the exact warm beacons of hope that you'd wish for from two people so strikingly handsome. From Vienna and in New York by accident—"We shouldn't really be here," they explained—we learned why this couple was gawking at The Vessel.

On why they’re in Hudson Yards: “Uh, we saw it on Instagram,” the man says, searching for the right words. “There was a video of a man running up the steps, a travel video. That’s why we came here.”

On the other reason they’re in Hudson Yards: “We were supposed to go home from Miami to Vienna,” the woman explains. “We were traveling standby, but we didn’t make it on the flight. So we had to get another flight, and this one happened to bring us to New York.”

On where they were coming from: “We were in Peru. It was a long journey. We just travel a lot.” 

On where they shop: “Yesterday, I bought Steve Madden shoes. That was exciting,” the guy says with a smile.

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