The 9 Best Hoodie Brands to Buy Now

And our favorite pick from their collection

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Pyer Moss

Not long ago, the hoodie was exclusively reserved for lazy Saturday afternoons on the couch or chilly morning runs while doing your best Rocky impersonation. But with the integration of streetwear into high fashion over the last decade, the hoodie has become a hallmark design among the world’s biggest luxury brands due to its undeniable commercial appeal. And, well, to be blunt, stuffy fashion people finally stopped turning up their nose at what was always cool. 


Now produced by just about every T-shirt startup and full-fledged ready-to-wear brand alike, a good hoodie means as much to your wardrobe as a good leather jacket or the perfect pair of white sneakers. Given that hoodies are no longer a passing fad, and winter will undoubtedly rear its ugly head, we’ve put together a list of the best hoodies to test drive year-round.

9. Reebok by Pyer Moss Hoodie

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There’s no hotter brand in fashion than Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Pyer Moss. Wearing a Pyer Moss hoodie is more than just pulling an extremely cool piece of terry cloth over your head. You’re making a fashion statement—a political one—and quite possibly making a stand in solidarity with the brand’s ethos (all of which you absolutely should do). Side note: You won’t be able to keep your hands off the drawcords.

Buy Now on Reebok, $180

8. Infinite Archives New World Order Logo Hoodie

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Easy Otabor’s Infinite Archives has surged to become one of the more exciting brands in streetwear. Otabor—one of Travis Scott’s earliest managers and a current Jordan Brand ambassador—has an undeniable eye for creating a minimalist style through an artful lens. His hoodies are nearly sold out everywhere. Grab the last few sizes while you still can.

Buy Now on HBX, $152

7. A.P.C. x Carhartt Logo Hoodie

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End Clothing

What do you get when a French minimalist brand partners with a well-known U.S. workwear company for a collaborative collection? You get a damn good hoodie. Durable yet comfortable, heavy-duty yet extremely wearable, A.P.C. x Carhartt is the menswear x workwear matrimony we never knew we couldn’t live without.

Buy Now on End Clothing, $250

6. Cherry LA Power Atelier Hoodie

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Cherry LA

In an ode to timeless American manufacturing, Los-Angeles based streetwear upstart Cherry LA produced its current collection entirely in the states. Taking design cues from classic Americana logos and fonts, this Chevy-inspired Atelier hoodie from the brand’s “Power” collection is the ideal introduction to Cherry—if you aren’t already among those in the know.

Buy Now on Cherry LA, $185

5. UNDERCOVER x Nike Logo-Print Mesh Paneled Hoodie

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Mr. Porter

Nike continues its highly successful collaborative series with Japanese designer Jun Takahashi and his label UNDERCOVER. This technical hoodie from the new collection is one of extreme functionality, easily dressed up or down. It’s quite the flex to sweat in a hoodie this nice, but also, what are we here for if not to flex?

Buy Now on Mr. Porter, $150

4. Champion Life Reverse Weave Hoodie

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Ahh, yes, the good ole Champion hoodie. Cozy and brimming in an understated cool that implies “I care but also, I don’t,” this purchase is a no-brainer if there ever was one.

Buy Now on Champion, $60

3. Stüssy Basic Hoodie

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End Clothing

Bearing one of the best logos in streetwear with an impending Dior collaboration in the pipeline, Stüssy, the quintessential streetwear label, is having a moment. It’s one of many in the brand’s storied history and certainly won’t be the last.

Buy Now on End Clothing, $115

2. Gallery Dept. French Logo Hoodie

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Gallery Dept.

The artisan piece of your dreams, Gallery Dept.’s French logo hoodie will make you look like you just painted a masterpiece as you stroll into your local coffee shop for a morning cup of joe. That accomplished artist look won’t exactly come cheap, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Buy Now on Gallery Dept., $395

1. Daily Paper Alias Hoodie

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Daily Paper

If you’ve recently seen the brand Daily Paper all over your Instagram and Twitter feeds, it’s because everyone on your Instagram and Twitter feed is currently wearing Daily Paper. The Amsterdam-based label has quickly gone from a European upstart to a global staple in just seven years. With their simple branding and inclusive visual storytelling, Daily Paper’s reign is poised to continue into the new decade. 

Buy Now on Daily Paper, $102
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