The 20 Best Men's Cardigans to Shop Right Now

Mr. Porter, Story mfg., Très Bien

Cardigans have made their way in and out of menswear trends throughout the years, but were long neglected and considered a conservative item. Luckily, however, it seems as though men are adventuring into the realm of open-front sweaters once again, and there is no shortage of options to meet demand. The humble cardigan has become a canvas for some of menswear's most interesting garments, from Marni's spray painted knits to Bode's double-breasted design. Cardigans have always been a versatile option, capable of being dressed up or down with ease; however, sweaters and cardigans have become statement pieces that simply make everything cooler. To that end, we've compiled 20 of the best men's cardigans here for your viewing pleasure.

1. Needles Intarsia Mohair-Blend Cardigan

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Mr. Porter

Needles is widely known for their tracksuits and chopped up flannels, but the Japanese brand has a consistently amazing output of other products. Needles’ founder, Keizo Shimizu, is well known for incorporating old school Americana into his designs, and this cardigan features a woven psychedelic motif inspired by the 70s. We suggest that you let loud prints like this speak for themselves, and pair it with a simple outfit.

Shop Now at Mr. Porter - $315

2. UNIQLO +J Premium Lambswool V-Neck Longsleeve Cardigan

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UNIQLO’s +J collaborations with Jil Sander (the designer, not the brand) have made minimalist, luxury design accessible to the masses. Made from felted lamb's wool, this cardigan is a must-have staple piece for the colder seasons. While the main attraction of this design is its simplicity and fit, the doubled pocket on one side adds just enough visual interest.

Shop Now at UNIQLO - $69.90

3. Stüssy Lune Inside Out Cardigan

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This cardigan arrived from Stüssy’s women’s collection, but don’t let that deter you from picking this one up. The largely basic construction is highlighted by the reverse seams running laterally across the body of the sweater, and the dying of the garment gives it a worn-in look.

Shop Now at Stüssy - $125

4. Manastash Aberdeen Kurt Cardigan

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Urban Outfitters

This cardigan from Manastash is available in a beautiful purple colorway that checks all the boxes. The felted look of the wool blend adds texture and depth to the simple coloring of the garment, making it perfect for spicing up your winter wardrobe.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters - $160

5. BEAMS+ Botanical Pattern Jacquard Cardigan

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Todd Snyder

This cardigan feels like an old, worn rug rolled up in the corner of an antique store, in the best way possible. The eclectic pattern of the garment is loud, but subdued by the earthy colorway that makes this piece easy to add to your fall wardrobe.

Shop Now at Todd Snyder - $322

6. Issey Miyake Homme Plissé Basics Cardigan

homme plisse issey miyake black basics cardigan

It’s not often that the brand which made a garment is unmistakable without a logo, but Issey Miyake’s homme plisse line has reached such a status. The equally minimal and intricate designs create lines that gracefully curve around the body on this cardigan, and the drop shoulder makes for an interesting visual focal point.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $365

7. Aimé Leon Dore

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Aimé Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity the past few years, largely due to collaborations with New Balance. However, none of that should downplay the quality of the garments that the brand releases. This season, the label dropped cardigans that are unsuspecting and simple, but feature a beautiful fit in a nice range of colors.

Shop Now at Aimé Leon Dore - $395

8. UNDERCOVERISM Mohair Striped Cardigan

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Likely inspired by Kurt Cobain’s sweater in the same colorway, this cardigan stays true to UNDERCOVER’s counterculture roots. The relaxed fit of this sweater makes it great to throw on top of a casual outfit and the mohair blend is sure to keep you cozy.

Shop Now at END. - $389

9. PacSun Leopard Knit Cardigan

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Loud patterns are making a comeback, and what louder pattern to rock than leopard print? This sweater features contrasting black trim and a leopard print body, making it a great statement piece. Alternatively, layer it so that just a hint of the pattern peeks out from underneath a coat or jacket to provide a hit of color.

Shop Now at PacSun - $54.95

10. Awake NY Black Striped Mohair Cardigan

awake ny black striped mohair cardigan

Awake NY has been growing steadily for the past several years, and their latest collection is a testament to the brand’s prowess within the streetwear realm. This cardigan features a simple zip closure and is made of a mohair blend. The bright trim contrasts well with the black body, making this great as a statement piece or a layer under a coat.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $220

11. Snowpeak Flexible Insulated Cardigan

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This insulated cardigan from Snowpeak is the perfect mid layer for this winter, especially if regular cardigans aren’t quite right for you. The thin quilted material makes this great as a standalone piece for transitional weather and as a layering piece for the harsh winter months. 

Shop Now at Snowpeak - $230

12. Adsum Nordic Cardigan

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Adsum’s consistent output of closet staples have made them one of the best brands to come out of New York in recent years. This Fair Isle-inspired cardigan features a 100% wool construction and comes in three muted colorways, each perfect as a layering piece or to wear on its own.

Shop Now at Adsum - $195

13. N.HOOLYWOOD Grey Lounge Cardigan

nhoolywood grey lounge cardigan

This is a cardigan for the ultimate minimalist. It’s free of snaps, buttons, or any kind of closure really, keeping the face of the garment super clean. Perfect for layering, or just lounging around the house.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $185

14. Marni Striped Brushed Mohair Cardigan

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Très Bien

Marni’s fuzzy wuzzy mohair is a modern staple of the brand’s repertoire, becoming one of the most popular and recognizable lines out of the fashion house. Their range of brightly colored, beautifully fitting sweaters and cardigans fulfil a childish desire to feel the warmth of a thneed from the Lorax. Find this one on Tres Bien, for under retail!

Shop Now at Très Bien - $920

15. Scotch and Soda Relaxed Jacquard Cardigan

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Scotch and Soda

Elevate your country club looks with this cardigan from Scotch and Soda. The sweater features a v neck closure, relaxed fit, and is littered with beautiful jacquard color blocking that reminds one of a modernist painting.

Shop Now at Scotch & Soda - $288

16. Andersson Bell Multicolor Heavy Milton Cardigan

andersson bell multicolor heavy milton cardigan

Andersson Bell has been putting out insane knitwear since their inception, and this cardigan is absolutely no exception. The boucle knit of the sweater shows off dozens of colors that blend together to create a nicely contrasting purple and grey, and the loose threads scattered throughout add a nice tattered look.

Shop Now at SSENSE - $590

17. Story mfg. Soil Spiral Twinsun Cardigan

Twinsun Cardigan Soil Spiral Chenille Handknit 1 2000x
Story mfg.

Story mfg. has steadily been on the rise, with their Reebok collaborations and well-composed collections. Most notable is their attention and care with craftsmanship, which is highlighted in this cardigan. The piece is hand knit with organic cotton that has all been naturally dyed and then hand embroidered. The spiral pattern adds a beautiful statement to the garment as well.

Shop Now at Story mfg. - $880

18. Bode Duotone Checkerboard Cardigan


I thoroughly believe that Bode can do no wrong, and very little could convince me otherwise. Inspired by a 60s blanket, this checkerboard cardigan features a beautiful double-breasted design that emphasizes the V-neck. It has a boxier fit than most sweaters, and is made from sustainable, recyclable, and ethically sourced merino wool.

Shop Now at Bode - $630

19. Our Legacy Ribbed Knit Cardigan

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Mr. Porter

This cardigan from Our Legacy is understated, while maintaining qualities that set it apart from the rest of the pack. The collared look isn’t frequently seen on cardigans, but the ribbed look of this one works. Additionally, the fabric is brushed to give the garment a nice worn-in look.

Shop Now at Mr. Porter - $505

20. Marni Spray-Painted Cardigan sweater.

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Très Bien

Without a doubt, this is the best cardigan of the year. Marni has spearheaded the mohair craze as of late, and this sweater right here is the pinnacle of the brand’s offerings. From the intricate knit pattern to the spray painted color hits, Marni left no stone unturned when it came to designing the most beautiful cardigan possible. Unfortunately it costs about a month’s worth of rent, but hey, live a little.

Shop Now at Neiman Marcus - $1290
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