12 New York Clothing Brands You Need To Know About

These New York clothing brands are worth your attention

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While women’s fashion might be the big industry spender, mens and unisex based brands have slowly climbed their way up into the fashion world, creating a real market for clothes that are both functional and extraordinarily beautiful. And very few cities boast as many homegrown designers as the streets of NYC.

Check out these 12 New York clothing brands that have made their mark on the industry (and maybe your closets as well).

  1. Public School
  2. Sundae.School
  3. Rowing Blazers
  4. O.N.S
  5. Only NY
  6. Saturdays NYC
  7. 5 Boro NYC
  8. Bode
  9. Wilde Vertigga
  10. Peels
  11. Rothman’s
  12. C'H'C'M
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