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Backpacks. We may not buy them very often, but when we do, it’s important for them to be both stylish and comfortable. Think about it—when you went back to school shopping, what was one of the most important items on the list? Backpacks, right? If your family was anything like mine, then having a cool backpack was a must. Sometimes we would visit multiple stores to see who had the best selection, and there was nothing like packing your bag the night before the first day of school knowing you were going to pull up in style.

While many of us may not be students anymore, we still might need backpacks for different reasons such as traveling, something to carry to and from work, the gym, etc. Whatever the reason might be, we've got you covered with some of the best backpacks on the market. 

When selecting a backpack, there are many different questions that come to mind. Do you need the bookbag for work/school, or for day to day activities? Comfort is also a huge factor to keep in mind, as well as your shoulder and back health, as many people have suffered pain in those areas from carrying around heavy bags all day. While those details may seem small, it is important that you keep those things in mind in order to avoid paying a difficult price later. Now that we covered those bases, let’s get into the different backpacks that are ideal for most situations/scenarios. We have compiled a list of the best fifteen backpacks for work or wherever else you may need to take them:

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack / Amazon

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is an excellent bag for both work and school. Most of us have laptops for work, and can agree that our biggest fear is dropping/damaging them when we are walking around, driving, etc. The Matein Backpack comes with a laptop pocket, as well as phone and pen pockets. It also has a hefty handle, adjustable straps, and luggage straps in case you're traveling. Reasonably priced, this is a decent investment.

BUY NOW, $25.99

2. Air Jordan Fluid Backpack

air jordan
Air Jordan Fluid Backpack / Amazon

What better accessory to accompany your newest Js than an Air Jordan backpack? Designed to give you a ton of room, the bag has plenty of space for storage with a large main compartment for bigger items, and a line top-zip pocket for smaller ones. The Fluid Backpack also has two additional side pockets just in case you need more space. Oh, and once again, it's Air Jordan. You can never go wrong with anything Jordan.

BUY NOW, $64.40

3. Jester School Laptop Backpack

The North Face
Jester School Laptop Backpack / Amazon

The North Face is known for their incredible bag selection. Designed specifically for students, the Jester Laptop backpack features a 15" laptop sleeve, as well as a larger main compartment in the front of the bag to store books and binders. The shoulder straps are super comfy, and the padded mesh back panel and lumbar panel provides back support. A comfortable carry that is great for commuting, this is also a relatively inexpensive bag that gets the job done.

BUY NOW, $46.66

4. Adidas Unisex Backpack

Screen Shot 2021 03 19 at 2.17.47 PM
Adidas Unisex Backpack / Amazon

Featuring five outlined zipper pockets, as well as a separate laptop pocket, the Adidas Unisex Backpack is a crisp bag providing you both style and comfort. The padded sleeve and Loadspring shoulder straps help take the load off carrying heavier items throughout the day, and the reflective details increase visibility in low-light conditions, which will be especially helpful at nighttime and during foggy conditions. 

BUY NOW, $52

5. Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 30L Backpack

Oakley Men’s Enduro 2.0 30L Backpack / Amazon

While this is a little pricier compared to some of the other backpacks on this list, this bag is definitely worth the money. Designed with separate compartments for all of your items, the Oakley Enduro backpack is made with a strong long-lasting fabric to help keep your gear secure. While the bag is water resistant, it can only withstand lighter amounts of rain. So you’ll have to check the weather before wearing it outside.

BUY NOW, $74.81

6. Pans Backpack for Men Large Military Tactical Travel

Pans Backpack / Amazon

Equipped for 3-day traveling, the Pans backpack has four spaces for your cellphones, wallets, and keys, and the bag is spacious enough for just about anything you might need or require. The middle compartment is meant for larger items, while the main compartment can hold your clothes, and any miscellaneous items you wish to bring on your trips. The Pans backpack also has a separate water bottle mesh pocket located near the side, and two walkie-talkies pouches, which can be found on the back strap of the bag. 

Obviously this backpack is best suitable for those in the military, but it could also be helpful for those heavily into camping and hunting as well—though you probably won’t need the walkie-talkie pouches

BUY NOW, $37.99

7. Carhartt 2-in-1 Insulated Cooler Backpack

carhartt 1
Carhartt 2-in-1 Insulated Cooler Backpack / Amazon

The Carhartt Backpack is a 2-in-1 backpack cooler is a five-star bag that has an insulated base compartment, a main compartment with mesh pockets for food, tickets, keys, etc. The cooler compartment can hold up to 12 beverage cans and has an ice pack to keep everything cold for at least 24-hours. The main compartment can hold non-perishable food items and clothes (though we recommend not storing the two together), and the mesh side pockets are another valuable feature that the bag has to offer. The Carhartt 2-in-1 has received high ratings for its durability and comfort.

BUY NOW, $34.83

8. Reebok Trainer Gym Backpack

Reebok Trainer Gym Backpack / Amazon

A basketball bag is an essential item for any hooper, and Reebok is one of the best at providing them. Described as being a compact bag, the Reebok trainer works well for the gym and school, offering storage, support, and comfort. The backpack also has thick-padded back and shoulder straps, alongside dry/wet compartments with ventilated sides. A 15” Laptop Sleeve is also built into the trainer, meaning you could go to the gym straight from work/school without worrying what to do with your laptop. While labelled as being a trainer bag, you can definitely use this for traveling as well. 

BUY NOW, $43.95

9. NIKE Hayward Backpack 2.0


A clean and sporty backpack that can be used for all events, the Hayward bag has plenty of room for anything you might need to carry with you for the day. The backpack features a dense weave for lasting durability, and elastic shell straps on the outer part of the bag for a cutting-edge look. Padded adjustable shoulder straps allow you a comfortable carry, and there is one main storage pocket that can hold all of your essentials. The backpack also has an alternate haul loop which gives you the option of not carrying the bag directly on your back if you wish.

BUY NOW, $51.56

10. YOREPEK Backpack for Men

YOREPEK Backpack for Men / Amazon

Talk about a diverse backpack. The YOREPEK has a grand total of 20 pockets for both large and small storage. The backpack also has three spacious compartments with hidden pockets to organize your work and school supplies, clothes, travel accessories, and more. The YOREPEK features elastic net pockets that can hold your travel gear, and the bag is structured to make TSA checkpoints a little less stressful as the bag can be easily unfolded to get you through the Airport checkpoints without much difficulty. 

The YOREPEK also comes with a USB port that includes a set-in charging cable for your electronic devices. If you look close enough, you will also find a small hole in the backpack that you can plug your headphones into. As if all of these features weren’t enough, the bag also has side compression straps that allow you to play around with the sizing. 

This is probably the most resourceful backpack on the list, and it is quite inexpensive considering all it offers. The ratings are decent as well, with most buyers giving the bag a four or five-star rating. 

BUY NOW, $29.99

11. Carry+ Professional Laptop Backpack 17 Inch

Carry+ Professional Laptop Backpack / Amazon

Avid gamers could really benefit from having the Carry+ Professional Laptop Backpack. While most backpacks can only fit a 15” laptop, this backpack can house a 17” laptop, making it a suitable option for those that have gaming computers. The bag also offers advanced protection for your gear, with hidden back and side panel pockets for extra storage. With easy travel features such as light handle grips, and removable back straps, the bag makes TSA checkpoints a breeze. The double nylon is water resistant and back cushioning is added to make an already awesome backpack even better.

BUY NOW, $209.99

12. Oscaurt Laptop Backpack, Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Oscaurt Laptop Backpack / Amazon

One of the biggest fears of having something attached to your back is the possibility of a sneaky pick-pocket stealing your stuff without you noticing—this is especially prominent in bigger cities.

The Oscaurt Laptop backpack eliminates that fear with hidden zippers on the main pocket and a secret pocket at the back to ensure your belongings stay safe. Additional features include: a built-in charging cable on the inside of the bag, a USB charging port located on the outside, compartments for storage items such as pens and notebooks, and adjustable shoulder straps with EVA material for back protection. Similar to the Adidas backpack, the Oscaurt also has reflective panels, which again make nighttime travel much safer.

BUY NOW, $35.99

13. New Balance Players Backpack Dual Compartment Bag

New Balance Players Backpack / Amazon

A spacious bag that will never leave any of your belongings hanging, the New Balance Players Backpack is one of the toughest bags you can find. Made from strong and durable polyester, the bag is equipped with an abrasion resistant bottom, making it suitable for many different weather conditions. A padded interior zip laptop compartment is one of the bag's top features alongside mesh water bottle pockets, and interior zip pockets to hold your smaller valuables. With more than one color option available, the bag makes for a stylish and comfortable accessory. 

BUY NOW, $21.99

14. New Balance Daily Driver Ii Backpack

New Balance
New Balance Daily Driver Ii / Amazon

New Balance is so nice we had to do it twice. The Daily Driver is a nice sturdy backpack that holds up well over time. While not the biggest backpack, it still has an adequate amount of space that you can use to store your items, and is a good bag for those smaller trips that don’t necessarily require you to carry a heavy load. Three color options are available (blue, magenta, and red), and the backpack has received near-perfect reviews with customers praising the design and the bag’s ability to withstand bad weather conditions without damage.

BUY NOW, $37.12

15. PUMA Men's Evercat Contender 3.0 Backpack

PUMA Men's Evercat Contender / Puma

At first glance this backpack may not look very spacious, but don't let the overall appearance fool you. The Evercat can hold a 15" laptop, books, binders, and anything you else you may need through the day with its compartments and smaller pockets. Many buyers have also used this bag for traveling noting its room to hold some of their lighter traveling objects, as well as the comfortable straps. With many different colorways, the Puma Evercat does its job well, often being overlooked due to the deceptive nature of its size. If you are looking for a backpack that is relatively lightweight but still sturdy, then the Evercat could be a solid option.

BUY NOW, $44.99

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