Vaulted Treasures: How One Collector Secures and Manages His Collection with the eBay Vault

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

Eric Whiteback (aka the Collectibles Guru) has a long history in The Hobby as one of the top content creators and one of the top collectors of soccer cards in the space. He recently chatted with ONE37pm about his passion for trading cards and walked us through the process of card-collecting. He even told us why he’s such a big fan of the eBay vault.  

"I collect quite a few things, but trading cards were my first real love—my first real passion—as it relates to collecting,” says Eric. (Judging by the huge wall of cards behind him, he’s not kidding.) His current order of business? Investing in a soccer player who has been flying a bit under the radar amid the 2022 FIFA World Cup. “One player I'm targeting right now is Benjamin Sesko. While he's not playing in the World Cup, his prices have dipped down a little bit as a result of that. Everyone knows that The Hobby loves goal scorers, and those guys really appreciate in value over time. Based on this season, this World Cup, I'm probably not going to sell this card anytime soon, but when I do it's going to be as easy as a click of a button, thanks to the eBay vault."

If you're looking to add some cards to your collection (much like Eric), eBay—the original marketplace for collectibles—has the most unique, rare and hard-to-find inventory out there. With more than two decades of expertise, it’s no doubt that eBay has the cred to deliver a full suite of physical and digital capabilities at scale. From Authenticity Guarantee to Price Guide, Collection, the eBay vault and more, eBay is the ultimate destination for trading card collectors and enthusiasts alike.

"One of the most exciting things about the sports card hobby right now is all the innovation going on,” says Eric. “But eBay launching their vault is a game changer for The Hobby. It allows you to transact cards in real time—this is a huge deal."

The eBay vault—a 24/7 secure facility and digital marketplace for trading card collectors with no sales tax, storage or selling fees—is the premier service in card security. Card collectors, investors and hobbyists are using the eBay vault to securely buy, sell, trade, store and invest in trading cards more seamlessly than ever before. The eBay vault entered the market as enthusiasts are increasingly investing differently and looking at collectible items—like rookie cards of up-and-coming soccer stars—as alternative assets. Single, graded trading cards and graded, autograph, relic and patch cards purchased for $250+ on eBay in the US are now eligible for the eBay vault. 

Eric purchased his Benjamin Sesko 2021-22 Merlin Chrome UEFA Purple Refractor PSA 9 from the top consigner of sports cards on eBay: DCSports87. With over millions of items sold on eBay, the team at DCSports87 has been noticing quite an uptick of customers requesting that their cards get sent to the eBay vault in recent months. 

"The best part about eBay is that it really is a global company and we can sell to collectors all over the world," says Kyle Bourassa of DCSports87. "Today, we got an order from Eric Whiteback. He's an avid collector and he selected to send his card to the eBay vault, which is a great choice. It is the easiest process in the business."

To enroll in the eBay vault, all you have to do is click here and opt-in. Then, when you purchase an eligible card, simply select the option to have it sent to the eBay vault. No taxes. No shipping fees. No hassle. It’s as simple as that! 

What players are you currently buying and have you signed up for the eBay vault yet? Shoot us a tweet @137pm and follow @ebaycollectibles on Instagram to let us know!